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Saturday, January 6, 1973 @ Springfield,MA Auditorium

Arnold Skaaland Pinned Chuck O'Connor After The Atomic Drop @4:12

King Curtis w/Lou Albano Beat Manny Soto On a Count-Out After Both Were OOR, Curtis Slammed Soto's Head Into The Ring Steps Soto Could Not Beat The Referee's 10 Count @7:44

Lonnie"Moondog" Mayne w/Lou Albano & El Olympico Ruled a No Contest After This Match Got Way Out Of Control As Both Were To Bloody To Continue @9:25

Buddy Wolfe & Sonny King Wrestled To a 20:00 Time Limit Draw

Mr.Fugi w/Grand Wizard Defeated Young Tony Garea After Coming Off The Top Rope And Catching Garea With a Knee Across The Chest @14:54

(WWWF Heavyweight Title Match) Pedro Morales Defeated Prof.Toru Tanaka With The Flying Body Press @16:48
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Monday, January 8, 1973 @ Albany NY Armory

Chuck Richards & Vincenti"Bull"Pometti 20:00 Time Limit Draw

Louis Torres Defeated Frank Romano @9:12 With The Roll Up Pin

(Handicap Match) The Manchurian Giant Gorilla Monsoon Defeated Mike Conrad & Chuck O'Connor @9:20. Monsoon Threw O'Connor OOR & Than Big Splashed Conrad For The Win

Lonnie"Moondog"Mayne w/Lou Albano Beat Manny Soto @6:08 With The Back Breaker. After The Referee Rang The Bell Mayne Continued To Pummel Soto Untill Wrestlers Came To The Ring To Put a Stop To The Beating

(WWWF Heavyweight Title Match) Pedro Morales Retained His Heavyweight Belt By Defeating Mr.Fugi @31:45. Morales Had Fugi In The Boston Crab Ready To Submit When Fugi's Tag Team Partner Prof.Tanaka Ran Into The Ring & Threw Salt Hitting Morales Square In The Face. The Referee Immediately Rang The Bell And Disqualified Mr.Fugi
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Tuesday, January 9, 1973 @ Augusta ME Armory

In a Rare Face Vs Face Match El Olympico Defeated Manny Soto @6:58. Soto Was Pinned After Taking a Flying Bodyblock From Olympico

King Curtis w/Lou Albano Destroyed The Continental Nobleman Joe Turco @3:04 With The Top Rope Splash

Lonnie"Moondog"Mayne w/Lou Albano Defeated Sonny King @6:23.Moondog Mayne Distracts The Referee While Lou Albano Smashes King With Some Sort Of Loaded Glove. King Hits The Canvas With a Thud As Mayne Covers For The Pin

(WWWF TT Title Match) Indian Jay Strongbow & Tony Garea Beat The WWWF Tag Team Champions Mr.Fugi/Prof.Toru Tanaka @17:04 When The Match Was Stopped For Blood. Prof.Tanaka Was Bleeding Profusely After Being Slammed Into The Steel Ring Post. Mr.Fugi/Prof.Tanaka Retain The TT Titles As The Titles Can Only Change Hands On a Pin Or Submission

(WWWF Heavyweight Title Match) Pedro Morales Retained His Heavyweight Belt By Defeating The #1 Challenger Buddy Wolfe @10:55 With The Flying Bodypress. Pedro Morales Continues To Be a Very Popular Champion Here On The East Coast
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Wednesday, January 10, 1973 @ Bangor ME Auditorium

Sonny King Beat Rickie Sexton @6:13 After Delivering a Vicious Piledriver

King Curtis w/Lou Albano Beat Manny Soto @3:16. Soto Is Counted Out After Chasing Lou Albano OOR. Soto Was So Intent At Getting At Albano He Completely Forgot The Referee's Count

Lonnie"Moondog"Mayne w/Lou Albano Defeated El Olympico @12:17. El Olympico Misses a High Risk Maneuver When He Leaps From The Top Turnbuckle But Clips The Ring Ropes With His Foot And Lands Awkwardly As He Tumbles Outside The Ring On To The Hard Concrete Floor. Olympico Is Counted-Out

Tony Garea Defeats Mr.Fugi w/Grand Wizard @10:04. As Mr.Fugi Attemps To Leap From The Top Rope To Come Down On Garea's Chest, Tony Lifts His Leg & Catches Mr.Fugi Square In The Face With His Boot. Garea Rolls Fugi Over For The 1-2-3 Count

Indian Jay Strongbow Beats Buddy Wolfe @6:11 With The Sleeper. It Takes The Referee a Good 3 Minutes To Convince Strongbow To Wake Wolfe Up

(WWWF Heavyweight Title Match) Pedro Morales Retains His Heavyweight Title When The Referee Disqualifies Prof.Toru Tanaka @12:32 After Tanaka Throws Salt & Hits The Referee Square In The Eyes. Morales Has Tanaka In The Boston Crab When The Crafty Tanaka Somehow Reached Into His Trunks And Hits The Referee In The Face With The Salt
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Saturday, January 13, 1973 @ Philadelphia,PA Arena

Al Nelson & Juan Rodriguez 20 Minute Time Limit Draw

Mike Conrad Defeated Lee Wong @9:48 With The Sin City Slam

Big Ben Ortiz Defeated Cisco Kid @8:38 With The Snap Suplex

Joe Rodriguez Defeated Louis Torres @8:47 With The Roll Up Pin

(Handicap Match) Gorilla Monsoon Defeated The Team Of Vincenti"Bull" Pometti & Chuck O'Connor @6:29 When He Big Splashed Pometti

Sensational El Olympico Defeated Buddy Wolfe @10:35 With The Turnbuckle Leap

Sonny King Defeated Prof.Toru Tanaka w/Grand Wizard @11:57 After Delivering a Piledriver

(Mr.Fugi Won a 16 Man Battle Royal & Due To Pre-Match Stipualtions Mr/Fugi Would Get a World Title Match In The Night's Main Event)

(WWWF Heavyweight Title Match) Pedro Morales Retains His Heavyweight Title When He Defeats Mr.Fugi @24:03.The Grand Wizard Attempts To Toss Mr.Fugi a F/O But Morales Intercepts It & Uses It On Fugi Instead. Morales Flips Mr. Fugi Over Into The Boston Crab As He Submits
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Monday, January 15, 1973 @ Albany NY, Armory (Afternoon Card)

Chuck Richards Defeated Al Nelson 6:15 With The Body Breaker

Vincenti"Bull"Pometti Defeated Henry DePaula 9:48 With The Bolo Punch

Manny Soto Defeated Miguel Feliciano @4:11 With The Shoulder Breaker

(Main Event 6 Man Tag Match)
Tony Garea/Chief Jay Strongbow/Gorilla Monsoon Defeated Chuck O'Connor/Buddy Wolfe/King Curtis @11:16 When Monsoon Big Splashed Chuck O'Connor For The Win
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Monday, January 15, 1973 @ Madison Square Garden, New York City (PM Card)

The Vachon Bros-Mad Dog/Butcher Defeated Lee Wong/Ben Ortiz 2 Falls 0 (1st Fall Mad Dog Over Wong Pilverdriver (6:37)(2nd Fall Mad Dog Over Ortiz Top Rope Leap (3:59)

(WWWF Ladies Heavyweight Title Match) Fabulous Moolah Defeated Joyce Grable @29:50 With The School Girl Roll Up

(Special Midget Tag Match) Little Beaver/Joey Russell Defeated Little Brutus/Sky Low Low @10:10 Beaver Over Brutus Roll Up Pin

Black Gordman Defeated Sensational El Olympico @8:02 With The Abdominal Stretch

Mr.Fugi Defeated Victor Rivera @11:52 With The Cobra Nerve Hold

The Blond Bomber Ray Stevens Defeated Sonny King @13:01 With The Bombs Away

Bruno Sammartino Defeated Prof.Toru Tanaka @15:21. As Bruno Had Tanaka In The Bearhug, Mr.Fugi Ran From Out Of The Dressing Room & Into The Ring And Threw Salt Into Bruno's Eyes, The Referee Called For The Bell & Disqualified Tanaka

(WWWF Heavyweight Title Match)
Pedro Morales Ratains His Heavyweight Title When He Defeats Lonnie"Moondog"Mayne @24:39 With The Flying Body Press
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