TV Pro Wrestling - Tri-State Wrestling Federation-(TV Pro Wrestling 1)

ACOMPLITAN - Sep 29, 2016 - 12:13 AM
Post subject: Tri-State Wrestling Federation-(TV Pro Wrestling 1)

Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Referee:Tim Fuller

Harley Race (-5 End) Defeated Pedro Morales (-25 End) @12:38.Harley Race came out quick against the fan favorite Morales with an eye gouge & then proceeded to throw Morales outside the ring. Race quickly threw Morales back into the ring where he continued to gouge & bite Morales until referee Tim Fuller finally stepped in to break thinks up. Morales finally got his bearings back & surprised Race with a quick pin roll up that Race kicked out of. Soon after Morales caught Race this time in the boston crab but Race somehow made it to the ropes & Morales had to break the hold. The tide seemed to have turned with Race Getting the Next 7 Holds Including The diving head butt from the top rope but Morales used his savvy to kick out. By this time Morales who was exhausted could not muster enough engry to escape first from an atomic drop than a 2nd rope knee drop & finally another diving head butt.

Andre The Giant (-11 End) Defeated Mad Dog Vachon (-27 End) @15:34. Mad Dog Vachon Used an attack on Andre The Giant's legs to keep him on the mat for the first half of the match.Vachon continued to use illegal tactics thoughout the match on Andre Gouging & biting whenever he could. Andre had finally had enough & piledrove Vachon into the mat. Andre covered Vachon but his Savvy came into use as he kicked out of Andre's pinning attempt. But Vachon could not escape a suplex from the giant. Andre picked up a limp Vachon whipped him into the ropes right into Andre's big boot. Andre bounced off the ropes & used his sitting splash for the win.

No Real Big Surprise Here As Andre The Giant is Expected To Make It Deep Into The Tournament

Verne Gagne (-4 End) Defeated Big John Studd (-22 End) @14:03. Verne Gagne Started Slow In This Matchup Against Big John Studd. Studd used his large frame to man handle Gagne at the start of the match that had Gagne somewhat bewildered. Around the 10:00 mark studd began to slow down & that gave Gagne just the opening he would need. Gagne caught Big John in the boston crab but Studd kicked out but could not kick out of Gagne's small package after shoulder blocking stud twice down to the mat.

Dick Bruiser (+2 End) Defeated King Jerry Lawler (-20 End) @9:42. In somewhat of a surprise this match was all Dick The Bruiser from start to finish. The King Jerry Lawler applied a total of just 3 holds during the match. Lawler so exhausted from the beating him took from Bruiser that his was easy prey for Bruiser's vicious piledriver.

Gene Kiniski (-2 End) Defeated Ric Flair (-31 End) @ 18:16. This was somewhat of another surprise to the fans as Gene Kiniski outwrestled Ric Flair Thoughout the match. Kiniski Continued to throw Flair outside the ring time after time but would make it back just in time before Fuller's ten count. In the small numbers of moves Ric Flair applied during the match-(Only 5) he did manage to catch Kiniski in a quick pin but Kiniski was able to kick out. At one point during the match Kiniski applied 10 straight moves before Flair would get another. Kiniski would put an end to the match when he hoisted Flair up over his shoulders and into the backbreaker for the submission win.

Pat O'Connor (+1 End) Defeated Bob Backlund (-5 End) @5:31. The Veteran Pat O'Connor wasted little time in getting the duke against the all american boy Bob Backlund. O'Connor kept Backlund on the mat for the first 3 minutes with moves such as arm bars & leg locks. After an atomic drop that Backlund missed & Obviously hurt, O'Connor applied the boston crab for the win.

Up next 6 more big matchups as the Tournament continues

The American Dream Dusty Rhodes takes on milwaukee's finest in the Crusher
In a Battle of two High Flyers, Mil Mascaras will take on Antonino Rocca
The madman from the Sudan, Abdullah The Butcher Vs Superstar Billy Graham
Big Bruiser Brody Vs Jack Brisco
Nick Bockwinkel will have his hands full when he takes on the Wildman the Sheik
And finally Hulk Hogan will do battle with the badman from Borger Texas, Stan"The Lariat" Hansen

ACOMPLITAN - Sep 30, 2016 - 08:57 AM
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Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Referee:Connie Marker

1st Round Action Continues To Crown The First Ever Tri-State Heavyweight Champion

Dusty Rhodes (-3 End) Defeated The Crusher (-9 End) @11:15. This match was almost over in the first 2 mins when Crusher DDT'ed Dusty Rhodes & covered him for the pin but Rhodes somehow managed to kick out at the two count. With the large crowd behind him the American dream managed to make an incredible comeback by rolling the next 10 moves before Crusher's next one. Rhodes took the action outside the ring & punished Crusher from one side of the ring to the other but both made it back inside before referee Connie Marker's 10 count. Rhodes continued the assualt on the Crusher finally catching him in a quick roll up pin but Crusher used his savvy to kick out. But it was not meant to be as Rhodes powerbombed Crusher for the 1-2-3 count. Crusher's Pin rating was 1-10 he rolled a 9.

In the battle of the high flyers, Antonino Rocca (-4) Defeated Mil Mascaras (-22) @15:48. Both these fan favorites had the fans up on their feet thoughout the entire match. It looked like the fans were divided between the two wrestlers as who they wanted to win. But in the end it was Rocca who came out victorious when he made Mascaras submit to his argentine backbreaker. Both of these all time greats shook hands at matches end to a huge applause from the fans. Mil's sub rating was 1-6 he rolled a 6.

In the nights third bout, Abdullah The Butcher (+1) Defeated Superstar Billy Graham (-5) @5:03. Abdullah made pretty short work of Graham when he performed a running elbow drop on the superstar, than a clothesline & finally the sleeper that put Graham into Dreamland. Graham's sub rating 1-4 he rolled a 4.

Abdullah the Butcher Being lead To The Ring By Security To Do Battle With Superstar Billy Graham

Bruiser Brody (-7) Defeated Jack Brisco (-30) @16:47. In somewhat of a surprise Brody dominated the majority of this match from the onset. Brody was close to being DQ'ed by referee Connie Marker, but managed to control himself enough not to get the 3rd DQ Point. Brody was the more powerful wrestler and put to rest any notions Brisco may have had of advancing to the next round when he almost piledrove Brisco though the ring. Referee Marker could have counted to one hundred. Brisco left on a stretcher but to a nice applause.

Nick Bockwinkel (-5) Defeated The Wildman The Sheik (-4) @8:52. Not much to say here as expected the Sheik got himself Disqualifed when after numerous warnings from referee Marker, the Sheik went one step to far when he blatantly punched Bockwinkel in the groin.

In the final match of the evening, Hulk Hogan (-6) Defeated Stan Hansen (-16) @12:09. These two giants went at it tooth & nail for the entire 12 minutes. Hogan caught Hansen with a quick roll up pin early in the match but Hansen Used his savvy to escape. Hansen was not as lucky the second time after Hogan Clamped on the bearhug & submitted to the powerful submission hold. Hansen's sub rating 1-10 he rolled a 10.

Up next the final 5 matches of first round action

Big Bobo Brazil Takes on the living legend of wrestling Bruno Sammartino
Billy Robinson Vs the russian bear Ivan Koloff
The Destroyer Vs terrible Terry Funk
The heart punch specialist Big Ox Baker will do battle with Fritz Von Erich
Sailor Art Thomas will oppose the modern day warrior Kerry Von Erich

Derek Kraft - Sep 30, 2016 - 10:21 AM
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Good to see The Sheik is causing havoc in other federations!
ACOMPLITAN - Sep 30, 2016 - 10:27 AM
Post subject:
Hi Derek, Yes I think he does all over. Believe it or not even though I never saw he wrestle live for some reason he was always my favorite wrestler of all time. Been following your fed since you started got me wanting to play tv pro again. Keep up the good work.

ACOMPLITAN - Oct 01, 2016 - 12:20 PM
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Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Referee:Dick Wohrle

1st Round Action Continues With The Last Five Matches Of 1st Round Action

Bobo Brazil (-23) Defeated Bruno Sammartino (-39) @27:06. The fans of New Jersey were treated to a matchup between two of wrestling's biggest stars when the black bomber from Benton Harbor Michigan, Big Bobo Brazil took on the living legend Bruno Sammartino in the first match of the evening. Bruno came out of the gate fast in this one rolling the first 7 moves before Brazil would get his first and had Brazil's END Down quick at -5 within the first 3 minutes of the match. Around the 15 minute mark Bruno Straped on the boston crab but Brazil was able to reach the ropes as Referee Dick Wohrle separated the two. 20 minutes into the match Bruno whipped Brazil into the ropes but Bobo flew outside the ring laying dazed on the floor. Bruno went outside to offer a hand to Brazil but for some reason Brazil wanted nothing to do with it and kicked Bruno down to the floor. As Bruno layed there stunned by Brazil's actions, Bobo jumped back into the ring and Bruno followed. Brazil would roll the next 8 moves including three vicious piledrivers. Bruno kicked out of the first pin attempt but was not able two kick out of the second.

Billy Robinson (-12) Defeated the Russian bear Ivan Koloff (-24) @20:14. For the first 15 minutes this match was dead even & the fans were getting a real good wrestling match between the two. But that didn't last long as the Russian bear showed why is is one of the most hated men in wrestling. Koloff threw Robinson outside the ring and smashed him with a chair across the back. Koloff jumped back into the ring as referee Wohrle started his count. Robinson made in back just in the nick of time. Robinson weakened by the chair blow was easy prey as Koloff applied the boston crab but Robinson was able to wiggle out of the hold. Things started to turn in Robinson's favor as he applied the next 3 holds including a double arm suplex, a piledriver and finally the boston crab for the win.

In the night's third match, the Destroyer (-20) Defeated Terry Funk (-25) @21:16. The fans of New Jersey had a hard time deciding which wrestler they wanted to see win more as both are so hated in the world of wrestling. But from the fans reaction it seemed like they were leaning more towards the Destroyer. And the fans got their wish as after a grueling 20 minutes the Destroyer put Funk away with his Torture Rack Slam.

Big Ox Baker (+4) Defeated Fritz Von Erich (-23) @8:02. Big Ox showed no mercy punishing Von Erich from start to finish in this matchup as Baker hit Von Erich not once with the heart punch but twice. Fritz's son Kerry who was scheduled to wrestler the final match ran to ringside to stop the beating his dad was receiving but it was to late as Baker's hand was already raised in victory. Kerry had to help his dad back to the dressing room. Looks like we may have the first sign of bad blood between these two wrestlers down the road.

Big Ox Baker Showed The Wrestling World Why He Is Going To Be Someone To Be Reckoned With In This Tournament

In the night's Final match, Sailor Art Thomas (-9) Defeated Kerry Von Erich (-13) @14:38. These two fan favorite's put on a nice display of wrestling for the east Rutherford fans. In what should have been even a better matchup than it was, it appeared that Kerry was still somewhat distracted by what had occurred in the previous matchup in which his dad Fritz was destroyed by Ox Baker. Seeing this as an opening, Thomas was able to strap the sleeper hold on Kerry. Kerry really did not put up much of a fight to escape the hold and went down to defeat. Before leaving the ring Thomas woke Kerry up and shook his hand. Both left to a thunderous applause.

2nd Round action matchups have been announced

Andre The Giant will take on Billy Robinson
Pat O'Connor Takes on Bruiser Brody
Abdullah The Butcher Vs Dick The Bruiser
Ox Baker will tangle with Handsome Harley Race
The Destroyer Vs Nick Bockwinkel
Big Bobo Brazil will try and slow down high flyer Antonino Rocca
Hulk Hogan will have his hands full when he takes on Verne Gagne
Sailor Art Thomas Vs The American dream Dusty Rhodes

ACOMPLITAN - Oct 01, 2016 - 10:36 PM
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Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Referee:Dick Wohrle

The Start Of 2nd Round Action

Andre The Giant (-2) Defeated Billy Robinson (-2) @7:47. Andre The Giant made relatively short work of Billy Robinson to continue on in the tournament. Andre almost ended the match in the first 2 minutes when he surprised Robinson with a quick pin roll up but Robinson was able to get his leg drapped across the ropes as Referee Dick Wohrle broke the two up. Robinson was not as lucky 5 minutes later when Andre whipped Robinson into the ropes and came off right into the giant's big boot. From there Andre bounced off the ropes onto Robinson with the sitting splash for the win.

Pat O'Connor (-4) Defeated Bruiser Brody (-27) @13:48. The Veteran O'Connor clearly outwrestled the bigger Brody thoughout the match and that seemed to frustrate Brody enough that Brody was one DQ Point away from being disqualified by Referee Wohrle. Brody recovered nicely and bounced back setting O'Connor up for the DDT but O'Connor was somehow able to kick out from Brody's pinning attempt. The end came for Brody when he got into some sort of disagreement with Referee Wohrle as O'Connor snuck up behind Brody & cradled him for the win.

In the night's third match, Dick The Bruiser (-7) Defeated Abdullah The Butcher (-9) @11:18. This was a matchup of two of the wildest wrestlers in the TSW Federation. From the crowd's reaction it was evident that the fans wanted to see both wrestlers kill each other as neither are fan favorites. Bruiser somehow got the huge frame of Abdullah half way up into the piledriver & almost put him though the mat for the win.

In the final bout of the evening,Handsome Harley Race (+3) Defeated Big Ox Baker (-11) @9:39. Ox Baker only controlled this match for a very short time rolling a total of only 6 moves the entire 9 minutes. Race on the other hand must have felt that keeping Baker outside the ring was to his advantage. It must have worked because Baker seemed to run out of gas early & that gave Race just the opening him would need catching Baker from behind with the quick roll up pin for the victory.

Handsome Harley Race Has Looked Very Tough So Far In The Tournament Eliminating Big Ox Baker On Tonight's Card

2nd Round Action Will Continue With The Final 4 Matches:

The Destroyer Vs Nick Bockwinkel
Big Bobo Brazil will try and slow down high flyer Antonino Rocca
Hulk Hogan will have his hands full when he takes on Verne Gagne
Sailor Art Thomas Vs The American dream Dusty Rhodes

ACOMPLITAN - Oct 03, 2016 - 12:06 PM
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Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Referee:Dick Wohrle

2nd Round Action Continues

The Destroyer (-30) Defeated Nick Bockwinkel (-49) @21:16. This matchup had the fans on their feet from start to finish. The Destroyer came out fast delivering a DDT & a Suplex that had Bockwinkel reeling within the first few minutes of the match. Minutes later Bockwinkel was in trouble again this time after the Destroyer Hoisted Nick up into the Airplane spin. Again Bockwinkel was reeling but not out. Later in the match Bockwinkel did Catch The Destroyer in the Sleeper hold but he managed to reach the ropes as Referee Dick Wohrle broke the two apart. But tonight was not to be Bockwinkel's night as the Destroyer hit Nick three times with his Torture Rack Slam that spelled doom for Bockwinkel.

In a matchup of two legends of the squared circle, Bobo Brazil (-13) Defeated Antonino Rocca (-27) @20:33. This was a matchup that really did not suit Bobo well as he had trouble with the high flying Rocca. Around the 15 min mark, things started to turn in Bobo's favor after Rocca tried a high ariel move but Bobo moved at the last minute causing Rocca to hit the canvas hard. Seeing that Rocca was hurting Bobo strapped on the Boston Crab But Rocca was not ready to submit. It was not until Bobo Piledrove Rocca Hard into the mat that Bobo was able to call it a victory. Referee Worhle Counted 1-2-3.

Verne Gagne (-17) Defeated Hulk Hogan (-41) @22:39. Gagne almost ended this match before it began when he caught Hogan with a Quick Roll up pin but Hogan kicked out easily. Gagne did not let up as he applied Two Suplex and a Sleeper but again Hogan was not ready to quit. Hogan got his bearings back and delivered a thunderous Thunder Slam to Gagne but Gagne Used his Savvy move to kick out. It was not until late in the match where it appeared that Hogan was slowing down that Gagne caught Hogan with a second Sleeper that Gagne hand his hand raised in victory.

Verne Gagne Being The Veteran That He Is Was Able To Overcome a Vicious Slam By Hulk Hogan And Come Back To Eliminate Hogan To Advance In The Tournament

In the final bout of the evening, Sailor Art Thomas (-15) & The American Dream Dusty Rhodes (0) were both counted out by Referee Dick Wohrle thus both being eliminated in the tournament. During the match both wrestlers fall outside to the floor. As both wrestlers glared at each other and seemed to blame each other for something, both came to blows as Referee Wohrle started his count. Both Thomas & Rhodes were so involved with each other they did not hear or could case less about the count as both were counted out.

Folks we are down to the final 8. The matchups are as follows:

Handsome Harley Race Vs Gene Kiniski
Pat O'Connor Vs Dick the Bruiser
Bobo Brazil Vs The Destroyer
Andre the Giant Vs Verne Gagne

ACOMPLITAN - Oct 07, 2016 - 10:26 AM
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Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Referee:Brad Robinson

Down To The Final Four Matches!!!

Handsome Harley Race (0) Defeated Gene Kiniski (-22) @15:39. Race jumped on Kiniski quick in the first 4 minutes and had him reeling when he performed a Quick Pin & than a Piledriver that Kiniski was able to kick out of both pinning attempts. In the match Race rolled 22 moves to only 8 for Kiniski. Race put Kiniski away after a second Piledriver that this time Kiniski could not escape.

If Harley Race Has Any Chance Of Advancing To The Finals He Will First Have To Defeat 7"4 400 Lbs of Andre the Giant Who Has Looked Unstoppable So Far In This Tournament.

Pat O'Connor (-17) Defeated Dick the Bruiser (-10) @14:18. Bruiser was ahead in the match when he did the unthinkable & for some reason slugged Referee Brad Robinson. Robison called for the bell Disqualifing Bruiser sending O'Connor into the final four wrestlers remaining.

In the third bout of the evening,Big Bobo Brazil (+4) Defeated The Destroyer (-3) @4:45. In a very short match Big Bobo Brazil put away the Destroyer after Brazil delivered his famous Coco Headbutt to send the Destroyer home back to japan and ending any thoughts of him becoming champion. Between the two wrestlers there were only a total of 9 Moves performed.

In the final bout of the evening, Andre the Giant (-14) Defeated Verne Gagne (-23) @19:42. In a matchup of two legends of wrestling Andre the Giant came out victorious against Verne Gagne After Andre Delivered his third Sitting Splash of the match. Gagne was somehow able to escape defeat on the first two pinning attempts by Andre but could not muster enough energy to kick out of the third attempt. As expected after the match these two legends shook hands as both left to a thunderous applause.

There You have it folks down to the final two matches before the big final!!!

The Matchups are as follows:

Bobo Brazil Vs Pat O'Connor
Andre the Giant Vs Handsome Harley Race

Derek Kraft - Oct 07, 2016 - 10:42 AM
Post subject:
Harley may have been looking for revenge on Kiniski for costing him the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at Starcade 83! Last night, I watched the Flair v Race match from that event. Kiniski was the special referee. It was a no DQ steel cage match. Yet, Kiniski repeatedly was breaking up choke holds and uses of the ropes. He literally would pull and push Race off of Flair. It is NO DQ!! C'mon, Gene!

What sets are The Destroyer and Pat O'Connor in? I must have them but I don't recall them.

Keep up the good work!
ACOMPLITAN - Oct 07, 2016 - 10:58 AM
Post subject:
Hi Derek, Wow nice match. Both O'Connor & Destroyer are from the All-Time WWA (Best of the Indianapolis Card Set)
Derek Kraft - Oct 07, 2016 - 03:22 PM
Post subject:
Cool, I have that set and will check those guys out. Rocca is another guy I have considered adding. I just received Expansion Set 2 as well as a couple of the 2006 sets. I emailed them and I am sure they will fix the problem, but did you notice that the finishing moves of 10 of the guys in Set 2 are the same as 10 other guys? Maybe they print to order and it was just a blip for me, but the Iron Sheik has the same finishers with the same points/modifiers as Dick the Bruiser, Iron Mike Sharpe the same as Nikita Koloff (Russian Sickle for Sharpe?!?!), and the same thing for 8 others. Wait, maybe these are error cards that I can sell on E-bay at exorbitant rates! Yes, I see now, I have been looking at this in the wrong way...
ACOMPLITAN - Oct 07, 2016 - 04:07 PM
Post subject:
Hi Derek, to be honest with you I don't have the expansion sets. Not really into the newer wrestlers at all. Hey you might have something rare in those misprints. You never know everything nowadays is collectible lol

Derek Kraft - Oct 07, 2016 - 05:27 PM
Post subject:
Thanks, Alan! I get you re: new wrestlers. There are usually some older wrestlers included in each set. In Set 2, Lou Thesz and Mil Mascaras are included, as well as different versions of Verne Gagne and Nick Bockwinkel (as opposed to the Minneapolis/All time AWA versions).
ACOMPLITAN - Oct 25, 2016 - 01:50 PM
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Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Referee:Tom Hamilton

Final Two Matches Plus The Championship Match!!!

Big Bobo Brazil (-30) Defeated Pat O'Connor (-23) @22:12. Bobo Brazil Will Be In The Finals After He Put Away a Stubborn Pat O'Connor With His Coco Head Butt. Both Of These Veterans Were Exhausted Taking Turns Battering Each Other Through The Match. Brazil Almost Ended The Match Less Than Two Minutes In With a Quick Pin But O'Connor Kicked Out. O'Connor Also Had Brazil In Trouble Delivering Two Piledrivers That Brazil Was Some How Able To Escape. Brazil Finally Put The Cagey O'Connor Away After Delivering Another Piledriver.

Andre The Giant (-14) Defeated Handsome Harley Race (-43) @21:27. Andre The Giant Will Be Facing Bobo Brazil In The Finals After Putting Away Harley Race With The Sitting Splash But It Took Everything Andre Had To Put Him Away. Andre Had Race Facing a Pin Or Submission At Least 6 Times Through The Match But Each & Every Time Race Was Able To Escape One Way Or Another. It Was Not Untill Andre Caught Race With a Vicious Clothesline That He Was Able To Secure Victory And Move On To The Finals To Meet Bobo Brazil.

Andre The Giant (-7) Defeated Big Bobo Brazil (-21) @12:41. Andre The Giant Became The First Ever Tri-State Heavyweight Champion Defeating Bobo Brazil With The Sitting Splash. Brazil Became Disoriented After Andre Threw Him OOR As Bobo Slammed Into The Guardrail Surrounding The Ring. Andre Grabbed Brazil By The Hair And Threw Him Back Inside And Delivered a Superplex. From There Andre Whipped Brazil Into The Ropes And Connected With a Big Boot To The Face. Andre Sat Down On a Still Obviously Disoriented Brazil For The 1-2-3 Count To Become The Champion.

Andre the Giant Was Crowned The First Ever Tri-State Heavyweight Champion With His Win Over Bobo Brazil.
ACOMPLITAN - Oct 27, 2016 - 09:17 AM
Post subject:
Top 10 Contenders to Andre the Giant's Heavyweight Title:

1: Bobo Brazil
2: Harley Race
3: Pat O'Connor
4: Destroyer
5: Verne Gagne
6: Dick Bruiser
7: Gene Kiniski
8: Dusty Rhodes
9: Antonino Rocca
0: Bruiser Brody
ACOMPLITAN - Nov 19, 2016 - 11:22 PM
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South Mountain Arena, West Orange, New Jersey
Referee:Dick Wohrle

Superstar Billy Graham Defeated The Crusher @12:35 With The Bearhug. (Pre-Match)- Ivan Koloff Jump's Crusher On His Way To The Ring. A Tag Team Match Is Immediately Signed For On The Next Card Between Koloff & Graham Vs Crusher & Partner Of His Choice. (Post Match)- Billy Graham & Ivan Koloff Pummels Crusher Untill The Locker Room Empties To Stop The Beating.

Kerry Von Erich Defeated The Sheik. Sheik DQ'ed @5:39 (Pre-Match)- Fans Pelt The Sheik With Debris On His Way To The Ring. A Fan Hits Sheik With a Bottle -2 END To The Sheik For This Match Only. (In-Match Event)- Sheik Pummels Von Erich With a Steel Chair Untill Locker Room Empties To Stop The Beating. No Real Surprise Here As The Sheik Is Prone To DQ's.

Big John Studd Defeated Pedro Morales @18:53 With The Powerbomb. Morales Had Studd Close To Defeat At Least 4 Times During The Match But Studd Was Able To Escape Each Time. Morales Pin Rating Was 1-6 Morales Rolled 4. Huge Comeback By Big John Studd.

Terry Funk Defeated Mad Dog Vachon @8:36 With The German Suplex. (Pre-Match)- Funk Makes a Great Ring Entrance +2 Heat Added To Funk. Vachon's Pin Rating 1-6 Vachon Rolled 3.

King Jerry Lawler Defeated Ric Flair @7:26 With The Piledriver. (Pre-Match)- Lawler Blocks Sneak Attack By Flair +3 END To Lawler For The Match. Flair Pin Rating 1-5 Flair Rolled 4.

Some Of The Action Between Jerry Lawler & Ric Flair

Jack Brisco & Russian Bear Ivan Koloff Double DQ @:30. Not Much Of a Contest Here As These two Started an Immediate Brawl Outside The Ring As Referee Dick Whorle Was KO'ed During The Melee. Referee Tom Stone Rushes To The Ring & Reaches The 10 Count As Both Wrestlers Are DQ'ed. West Orange's Finest Had To Get Involved As Some Of The Fans Got a Little To Close To The Action.

Mil Mascaras Defeated Hulk Hogan @10:37 With The Boston Crab. Hogan Sub Rating 1-5 Hogan Rolled 3. (Post-Match)- Hogan Is Joined By Mil's Long Time Nemesis From Japan The Destroyer In a Post Match Beating Of Mascaras.
ACOMPLITAN - Nov 21, 2016 - 08:49 AM
Post subject:

Roosevelt Stadium Jersey City,New Jersey
Referee:Brad Robinson

Bruno Sammartino Defeated Stan Hansen @4:38 DQ. 9 Total Holds Applied Between Both Wrestlers All Coming From Hansen. Bruno Did Not Apply One Hold. Referee Brad Robinson Continually Warned Hansen About His Illegal Tatics But That Did Not Stop The Wild Texan As He Quickly Accumlated 3 DQ Points-An Eye Gouge & Two Groin Punches & Robinson Had Seen Enough As He Called For The Bell & Awarded The Match To Sammartino.

Billy Robinson Defeated Fritz Von Erich @1:53 DQ. Billy Robinson Is Jumped By Abdullah Butcher & The Sheik Oh His Way To The Ring. Total Of Two Holds Executed During This Super Short Match Both By Robinson. For No Apparent Reason Von Erich Snaps & Attacks Billy Robinson With a Steel Chair. Referee Brad Robinson Calls For The Bell & We Have Our Second DQ In The First Two Matches. After The Match Billy Robinson Asks For a Tag Team Match Between Himself & a Partner Of His Choice Against Abdullah The Butcher & The Sheik.

Bruiser Brody Defeated Abdullah The Butcher @12:08 With The Piledriver. Brody Performed 21 Holds To Only 3 For Abdullah. Brody Put The Mad Sudan Away With a Combination Of a Piledriver (Abdullah Kicked Out) 2nd Rope Knee Drop- 2 Bearhugs-DDT & Finally Another Piledriver.

Nick Bockwinkel Defeated Big Ox Baker @9:21 With The Boston Crab. During This Match To Every One's Surprise Bockwinkel Was Just As Bit As Mean & Nasty As Baker Could Be. During The Match Bockwinkel Hit Baker With a Steel Chair Leaving Baker Very Woozy On His Feet. Bockwinkel Used Two Flying Shoulder Smashes To Soften Baker Up Than Applied The Boston Crab.

Antonio Rocca Defeated Dick The Bruiser @3:11 DQ. Crusher Joined Bruiser During The Match To Gang Up On Rocca Prompting Referee Brad Robinson To Call For The Bell & DQ Bruiser. Bruno Sammartino Comes To Rocca's Aid But Is Beaten Down By Bruiser & Crusher. After The Match It Is Reported That Sammartino Was Taken To The Hospital & Will Be Out Of Action For At Least 3 Weeks.

Dusty Rhodes Defeated Gene Kiniski @19:00 With The Bionic Elbow. Strange Event Takes Place During This Match. Harley Race Jumps Into The Ring & Whallop's Kiniski With Some Sort Of F/O. -6 END To Kiniski. Dusty Connects On Kiniski With Two Bionic Elbow's, a Figure Four Leglock & Two More Bionic Elbows To Finish Kiniski Off. What Seemed Ever More Strange Was That With The Past History Between Dusty & Harley Why Would Race Do That To His Friend Gene Kiniski & Help Out Dusty.

This Is What The Fans Are Used To Seeing Between Dusty Rhodes & Harley Race Not What They Witnessed Tonight.

Verne Gagne Defeated The Destroyer @3:41 DQ. Out Of Tonight's Seven Matches Four Ended By DQ. Again We Saw The Team Of Abdullah Butcher & The Sheik Get Involved In a Match. This Time They Along With The Destroyer All Gang Up On Gagne. Again Referee Robinson Has No Choice But To Ring The Bell & Award The Match To Verne Gagne.
Derek Kraft - Nov 21, 2016 - 06:51 PM
Post subject:
Harley is an ornery SOB so it is anybody's guess what he was thinking when he attacked Kiniski. As for all the DQs, Robinson is a stickler who needs to recognize this is big time professional wrestling where just about anything goes.
ACOMPLITAN - Nov 22, 2016 - 06:43 AM
Post subject:
Hi Derek, Yes that Race sure is a nasty wrestler. I Am sure he has something up his sleeve. Just one of those nights I guess Robinson was quick with the DQ

ACOMPLITAN - Jul 28, 2017 - 11:27 PM
Post subject:

TSW 10
Philadelphia Spectrum, Philadelphia PA
Referee:Ralph Hamilton

If You Blinked Your Eyes Chances Are You Missed This Match Because Sailor Art Thomas Defeated Boris Zuhkov @:30 Pre-Match Event-Zuhkov Berates The Ring Announcer +1 Heat & +3 End To Zuhkov. That Was Not Going To Help Zuhkov At All In This Match Because The First Move Of The Match Was a Quick Roll Up Pin On The High Spot For Thomas. Zuhkov Pin Rating 1-7 Zuhkov Rolled a 4.

In What Most Fans Consider a Big Upset, Pistol Pez Whatley Defeated Ric Flair @17:27. Pre Match Event- Whatley Grabs F/O From Flair Who Was Attempting To Use It On Whatley But Whatley Turns The Object On Flair Instead. -5 END To Flair. During THe Match Whatley Kicked Out Of a Pinning Attempt After Flair Performed His Tope Rope Knee Drop & Then Later In The Match Whatley Would Also Escape a Sleeper Hold By Reaching The Ropes. This Was Not To be Flair's Night As He Went Down To Defeat To Whatley's Electric Chair Roll Up Pin. Flair Pin Rating Was 1-9 Flair Rolled 6. Ric Flair Has Not Won a Match Yet In The Tri-State & Stands At 0-3.

The Sheik W/Abdullah Farouk Defeated Ray Candy @1:55. This Was Candy's Debut Match In The Tri-State But The Fans Did Not Get To See Much Of Him Because The Sheik Put Him To Sleep In Less Than 2 Minutes. Candy's Sub Rating Was 1-5 Candy Rolled 4. This Was The Sheik's First Win In 3 Matches.

Argentina Rocca Defeated Another Debuting Wrestler,The Masked Executioner @6:21 With The Argentine Backbreaker. Rocca Performed 11 Moves To Only 2 By The Executioner.

The Modern Day Warrior, Kerry Von Erich Defeated Big Ox Baker @5:59 When Referee Ralph Hamilton DQ'ed Baker After He Accumulated 3 Quick Dq Points On An Eye Rake, Thumb To The Throat & a Back Rake.

Stan Hansen Defeated Abdullah The Butcher W/Playboy Gary Hart @4:13. This Was a Elimination Match For The Tri-State TV Title. Referee Ralph Hamilton Tried To Let This Match Go On For As Long As He Could Being It Was An Elimination Match For The TV Title But Had No Choice But To Put a Stop To It After Abdullah The Butcher Became a Bloody Mess. Hansen Gave The Butcher a little Of His Own Medicine When He Opened Abdullah With His Constant Biting & Than Opened The Wound Even More As Abdullah Bled Profusely With 2 Closed Fists To The Head.

The Bad Man From Borger Texas Will Advance In The Tournament After The Big Win Over Abdullah The Butcher

In Another Tournament Elimination Match This Time For The Tag Team Belts, Ivan Koloff & Superstar Billy Graham Defeated The Team Of Dick The Bruiser & Da Crusher In a Surprise Time Of 4:23 When Graham Caught Crusher With The DDT. Crusher Pin Rating Was 1-4 Crusher Rolled 1. In Match Event- Crusher Attempts To Ram Graham's Head Into The Ring Post As Bruiser Distracts Referee Hamilton But Graham Rolls Crusher Over Into a Small Package Just As Hamilton Turns Around But Crusher Was Able To Kick Out ***Just a Little History On This Match*** This Match Was Signed For Because Of What Had Taken Place On TSW 8. On That Card Graham Was Facing Crusher But Before The Match Ivan Koloff Jumped Crusher On His Was To The Ring. After The Match Both Graham & Koloff Again Pummeled Crusher. The Commissioner Stepped In & Demanded That Graham & Koloff Would Meet Crusher & a Partner Of His Choice. So What Better Partner Then His Cousin Dick The Bruiser. To Make It An Added Bonus For The Fans The Commissioner Decided That This Also Be The First Matchup For The Tag Team Title Elimination Tournament.
ACOMPLITAN - Aug 01, 2017 - 03:13 PM
Post subject:

TSW 11
Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles Calf
Referee:Jack Pesek

Johnny Rich & Charlie Fulton Both Making Their Debut Here Tonite & Looking To Make Good Impressions Did Not Disappoint In The Opening Bout. Charlie Fulton Was Well In Control Of The Match & Looked Like He Was Well On His Way To Victory. But Rich Had Other Ideas. Rich Rolled 6 Straight 2 Point Moves To Snatch Away The Win. Rich Completed The Comeback With His Flying Elbow. Time Of The Match 10:37.

The Night's Second Match Also Saw a Wrestler Making His Debut When Chick Donovan Took On The Russian Bear Ivan Koloff. Koloff Dominated This Match & Could Have Ended The Match alot Earlier Than He Did But Felt The Need To Punish Donovan. Koloff Finally Did Put An End To It @7:47 With The 2nd Rope Knee Drop. Total Match Moves Koloff 13- Donovan 2.

The Third & Final Wrestler Making His Debut Tonite Was Mike Jackson Who Was Taken On Superstar Billy Graham. Jackson Started Off Strong Even Before The Bell Rang When He Blocked a Pre Match Sneak Attack By Graham (+3 END To Jackson) But Unfortunately For Jackson That Would Not Help Him As Graham Like Koloff In The Prior Match Would Dominate & Catch Jackson In The Beahug @9:17. Total Match Moves Graham-15 Jackson 3.

The Destroyer Defeated Mil Mascaras @10:25 In Match Event- Fritz Von Erich Attacked Mascaras OOR While Destroyer Distracted Referee Pesek. Von Erich Rolls Mascaras Back In The Ring (-4 END & Pin Attempt On Mascaras). But Mil Was Able To Kick Out Of The Pinning Attempt. Mascaras Would Kick Out Twice More Once On a Missle Dropkick By Destroyer & Than An Airplane Spin & Pin. But What Mascaras Could Not Escape Was The Destroyer's Torture Rack Slam. Again For The Third Straight Match One Wrestler Dominated The Match. Total Match Moves Destroyer-17 Mascaras-3

These Two Masked Greats Have Brought Their Long Standing Feud To Tri-State Wrestling

Jack Brisco Defeated Big John Studd W/Lord Alfred Hayes @3:10. Lord Alfred Jumps Up On The Ring Apron To Confer With Studd But Did Not Notice Brisco Not Far Behind. Brisco Smashes Both Their Heads Together As Hayes Fall To The Concrete Floor & Studd Tumbles Back Into The Ring, Brisco Rolls Studd Up In The Sunset Flip.

Bruno Sammartino Defeated Terry Funk. Pre Match Event-Both Wrestlers Continue To Jaw At Each Other & Refuse To Start The Match So The Commissioner Steps In & Declares That This Match Be The First In The Best Of 7 With The Loser Having To Leave Tri-State Wrestling For 6 Months. Bruno Would Go Up 1-0 When Funk Submitted To Bruno's Backbreaker @11:07. Funk Sub Rating 1-6 Rolled 6.

Bob Backlund & Pedro Morales Took On Fritz & Kerry Von Erich In Another Match In The Tag Team Elimination Tournament. When The Dust Cleared Both Teams Would Be Eliminated From Competition When Referee Pesek Ruled The Match a Double Count-Out As All Four Wrestlers Battled OOR & Completely Lost Track Of Pesek's Count. This Seemed Completely Out Of Character For These Two Face Teams.

The Main Event Of The Evening Saw Jerry Lawler Take On Ric Flair As The TV Title Elimination Tournament Continued. This Would Be The First Time In Tri-State Wrestling That Two Wrestlers Have Meet Each Other a Second Time. Lawler Beat Flair On TSW 8. Flair Who Has Yet To Win a Match Got Off Quick & Would Apply The First 6 Moves Before Lawler Got His First. But Like Flair's Previous 3 Matches This Would End The Same Way With Him Going Down To Defeat When Lawler Would Made a Huge Comeback To Get The Duke Over Flair With The 2nd Rope Fist Drop @17:14 To Advance In The Tournament.
Derek Kraft - Aug 01, 2017 - 04:37 PM
Post subject:
I like that Stooges routine with Brisco, Studd and Hayes!!!

Do you have the bad Ric Flair card where he is a 0 control? The Original Game Tribute set has great cards for him and others. Too good in some cases (Flair is a +2 Control, I lowered everyone who was +2 to +1 but gave them a FIN/CO point, something from TV Pro 2).

Sammartino's card isn't as good as it should be but he will be in a future set and is awesome (I got a few preview cards and he was one of them). Funk deserves an upgrade too.

Hope you are enjoying, Alan!
ACOMPLITAN - Aug 01, 2017 - 05:38 PM
Post subject:
Derek, Yes the flair card is the one with the 0 control. you know I see a lot of wrestlers that should be upgraded. Actually all the wrestlers should be upgraded. Its to bad we cant get upgraded sets with all the wrestlers that have been released so far than the cards would be more true to what the wrestlers really are. I Have thought about changing some grades on some of the wrestlers but I would not even know where to begin plus I don't want to screw with the games mechanism.
ACOMPLITAN - Aug 17, 2017 - 06:29 PM
Post subject:

TSW 12
Bristol Armory,Bristol R.I.
Referee:Jack Pesek

Bob Backlund Opened The Night's Card With An Impressive Win Over Boris Zuhkov When The Big Russian Submitted To Backlund's Chicken Wing @6:54.

The Night's Second Match Pitted Pistol Pez Whatley Vs Fritz Von Erich. Whatley Becomes a Bloody Mess After Von Erich Applies The Claw Hold Three Times On Whatley. Whatley Became So Weak From The Blood Loss He Submits To Von Erich. Time Of The Match 16:50.

(Best Of Seven Series) Bruno Sammartino Goes Up 2-0 On Terry Funk After Superstar Billy Graham Jumps Into The Ring & Slugs Funk. Bruno Throws Graham Over The Top Rope & Pins a Stunned Funk For The Easy Victory. Time Of The Match 4:21.

Da Crusher Defeated Mad Dog Vachon In Their Steel Cage Match @9:19. Mad Dog Vachon Whips Crusher Into The Cage But In Doing So Crusher Goes Through The Cage Door & Out Onto The Floor For The Win. Vachon Is Stunned What Has Just Taken Place. Both Vachon & Crusher Were Bloody Messes By Matches End.

Mad Dog Vachon After His Cage Match Loss To The Crusher

(TV Tournament Elimination Match)
Bruiser Brody Will Advance In The Tournament After He Defeated Big Bobo Brazil In a Very Strange Twist. Sailor Art Thomas Who Has Been Bobo's Life Long Friend Does The Unthinkable & Knock's Out Bobo With a Steel Chair Allowing Brody To Get The Easy Win @5:43. The Bristol Arena Fans Are Left In Shock & Disbelief.

(Tag Team Tournament Elimination Match)
Derek Kraft - Aug 17, 2017 - 07:20 PM
Post subject:
Love it! ❤️
ACOMPLITAN - Aug 17, 2017 - 08:31 PM
Post subject:
Hi Derek, Thanks everytime I read your posts i get motivated to post mine lol. By the way the new expansion set 5 looks nice. Going to order that one soon.

ACOMPLITAN - Aug 25, 2017 - 06:47 PM
Post subject:
Top 10 Contenders to Andre the Giant's Heavyweight Title:
# In Parenthesis Previous Ranking NR= Not Rated

1: Bobo Brazil (1)
2: Destroyer (4)
3: Bruiser Brody (10)
4: Harley Race (2)
5: Pay O'Connor (3)
6: Jerry Lawler (NR)
7: Bruno Sammartino (NR)
8: Verne Gagne (5)
9: Nick Bockwinkel (NR)
0: Dusty Rhodes (Eight)
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