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Carparama - Jan 02, 2010 - 12:54 PM
Post subject: Pro Boxing Alliance

In the world of boxing, people will always debate who they feel are the best heavyweight boxers of all-time. However, not many actually go as far as to find out who is. The PBA runs a bit like the PGA (golf) will. At least, in my head, that's how I see it. At first, 64 of the best boxers ever will compete in a single elimination tournament to declare a heavyweight champion. The 32 who get past the first round will automatically get a spot in the 2nd tournament, while the other 32 men will have to fight each other just to qualify. The last 16 spots will be fought by brand new competitors.

However, that is discussion PFC 2. For now, we must focus on PFC 1. Here are the 64 boxers selected for this tournament, and who they will fight in the first round.

#1 Muhammad Ali vs #64 Shannon Briggs
#32 Wladimir Klitschko vs. #33 Marvin Hart
#16 Max Baer vs. #49 Jess Willard
#17 Jack Sharkey vs. #48 John L. Sullivan
#9 Mike Tyson vs. #56 Joe Choynski
#24 Riddick Bowe vs. #41 Floyd Patterson
#25 Peter Jackson vs. #40 Jerry Quarry
#8 Sonny Liston vs. #57 Joe Jeannette
#5 Lennox Lewis vs. #60 James J. Braddock
#28 Fred Fulton vs. #37 Frank Moran
#12 Jack Johnson vs. #53 Earnie Shavers
#21 Sam Langford vs. #44 Vitali Klitschko
#13 Joe Frazier vs. #52 Jimmy Young
#20 Tom Sharkey vs. #45 Michael Spinks
#29 Harry Wills vs. #36 Primo Carnera
#4 James J. Jeffries vs. #61 Michael Moorer
#3 Rocky Marciano vs. #62 Leon Spinks
#30 Ken Norton vs. #35 Jersey Joe Walcott
#14 George Foreman vs. #51 Ingemar Johansson
#19 Evander Holyfield vs. #46 Gerry Cooney
#11 Bob Fitzsimmons vs. #54 Buster Douglas
#22 Kid McCoy vs. #43 Al Kaufman
#27 Tommy Burns vs. #38 Peter Maher
#6 Larry Holmes vs. #59 Luis Firpo
#7 Gene Tunney vs. #58 Hasim Rahman
#26 George Gardner vs. #39 Sam McVey
#10 Jack Dempsey vs. #55 James J. Corbett
#23 Gunboat Smith vs. #42 Frank Slavin
#15 Ezzard Charles vs. #50 Billy Miske
#18 Max Schmelling vs. #47 Joe Goddard
#31 Gus Ruhlin vs. #34 Michael Dokes
#2 Joe Louis vs. #63 George Chuvalo


Drama At The Top?
Could Louis or Rocky be #1?

In the initial tournament to determine the Heavyweight Champion of the world, many would say Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano have the best chances of winning. Some will defend Ali, stating he is the greatest of all-time, while others might give the nod to Joe Louis because of his hand speed. However, one cannot ignore the fact that Rocky Marciano does not know how to lose, as he won all his professional fights before retiring undefeated. As of right now, Ali is the odds on favourite, but all that can change.

Closest Fight
Should Marvin Hart feel slighted?

When seeding fighters, you are guaranteed to make someone unhappy. The first boxer to speak up, would probably be Marvin Hart. He and Wladimir Klitschko fought at different times, but when comparing the two, I found they were too similar. In a coin flip situation, Wladimir earns the right to be named the favourite. This is barely an advantage, but it is one nonetheless. How should Marvin Hart feel? Did I make the right call?

"Big" or "Smokin'"?
Megastars for sure, but who is the better fighter?

Another two fighters who are too close to call. Joe Frazier gets a slight edge over George Foreman, who arguably gets the easier fight in Jimmy Young. Foreman is left facing Ingemar Johansson. Will this make any sort of a difference?

Not Quite Elite?
How will seeds 4 through 9 do?

When Jack Dempsey is considered your #10 seed, you have a stacked tournament. James J Jeffries, Lennox Lewis, Larry Holmes, Gene Tunney, Sonny Liston and Mike Tyson are all top-notch fighters, and I don't think anyone would debate that. Are any at the level of the "Big Three"? It's hard to say, but these questions will be answered sooner than later.


All bouts are to be simulated through "Ultra Quick Boxing", and will only show the result. Which of these 64 fighters advance to the second round, and which will go home?[/code]
gridiron - Mar 28, 2017 - 08:44 AM
Post subject: UQ Tourney
Enough of the pre-fight hype!!! I am going to piggy back off of this tournament and get it rolling.
gridiron - Mar 29, 2017 - 07:09 AM
Post subject: PBA UQ Tourney (March Madness Style)
The Louisville, KY Regional:

*Muhammad Ali will get the hometown boxer bonus only in the regional final*

Muhammad Ali vs. Shannon Briggs
Wladimir Klitcshko vs. Marvin Hart
Jack Sharkey vs. John Sullivan
Max Baer vs. Jess Willard
Mike Tyson vs. Joe Choynski
Riddick Bowe vs. Floyd Patterson
Peter Jackson vs. Jerry Quarry
Sonny Liston vs. Joe Janette

Sharkey vs. Sullivan and Bowe vs. Floyd Patterson jump out at you as can't miss bouts. Could we see a Tyson-Ali regional final in front of Ali's hometown fans in Louisville, KY? A more detailed preview of the fights after the thumbnail for each regional.
gridiron - Mar 29, 2017 - 09:06 AM
Post subject: Los Angeles Regional
The Los Angeles, CA Regional

*James Jefferies will get the hometown boxer bonus only in the regional final*

James Jefferies vs. Michael Moorer
Harry Wills vs. Primo Carnera
Tom Sharkey vs. Michael Spinks
Joe Frazier vs. Jimmy Young
Jack Johnson vs. Ernie Shavers
Sam Langford vs. Vitali Klitschko
Fred Fulton vs. Frank Moran
Lennox Lewis vs. James Braddock

Sharkey vs. Spinks and Frazier vs. Young could give us a Frazier vs. Micahel Spinks in the round of 32. Stay tuned for a more detailed look at this regional after the thumbnails are complete.
gridiron - Mar 29, 2017 - 09:10 AM
Post subject: St. Louis, MO Regional
The St. Louis, MO Regional

*Joe Louis will receive hometown bonus only in the regional final*

Joe Louis vs. George Chuvalo
Gus Ruhlin vs. Michael Dokes
Max Schmelling vs. Joe Goddard
Ezzard Charles vs. Billy Miske
Jack Dempsey vs. James Corbett
Gunboat Smith vs. Frank Slavin
George Gardner vs. Sam McVey
Gene Tunney vs. Hasim Rahman

Some interesting names here. Without actually breaking down the ratings, this one appears wide open IF someone can knock off The Brown Bomber.
gridiron - Mar 29, 2017 - 09:14 AM
Post subject: The Boston, MA Regional
The Boston, MA Regional:

*Rocky Marciano will receive the hometown bonus only in the regional final*

Rocky Marciano vs. Leon Spinks
Ken Norton vs. Jersey Joe Walcott
Evander Holyfield vs. Gerry Cooney
George Foreman vs. Ingemar Johanson
Bob Fitzsimmons vs. Buster Douglas
Kid McCoy vs. Al Kauffman
Tommy Burns vs. Peter Maher
Larry Holmes vs. Luis Firpo

Rocky, Norton, Holyfield, Foreman, Douglas and Holmes! 'Nuff said!!! Better buckle up for this regional....
LeicsCity - Mar 30, 2017 - 10:01 AM
Post subject: RE: The Boston, MA Regional
Looking forward to how this will turn out.

My "wish" picks would be Liston, Jack Johnson, Dempsey and Holmes.
gridiron - Mar 30, 2017 - 12:46 PM
Post subject: Louisville KY Regional Detailed Preview Part A
1. Ali vs. Briggs. The Greatest vs. The Cannon. Ali 56-5 from Louisville, KY and Briggs 60-6-1 from Brooklyn, NY. Not much to mention on Ali as we all know the deal. One of Briggs biggest wins was against Ray Mercer and the other was a win over George Foreman. Ali is a huge favorite. (

2. W. Klitschko vs. Marvin Hart. Dr. Steelhammer vs. The Louisville Plumber. Klitschko is 64-4 and Marvin hart from Louisville, KY is 29-7-4. No comment on the whole Klitschko reign over the heavyweight division. Marvin Hart's notable wins were over Jack Johnson and his world championship was earned via a KO over Jack Root. Klitschko is just as big a favorite as Ali.

3. Jack Sharkey vs. John L Sullivan. Sharkey hails from Binghamton, NY and is 38-14-3. His ring name came as a combination of his two boxing heros, Tom Sharkey (LA Regional) and Jack Dempsey (St. Louis Regional). One of his most notable wins was over Max Schmelling. Sullivan is from Roxbury, MA and is nicknamed the "Boston Strongboy". He is an incredible 40-1-2 with the only loss being to James C. Corbett via a 21st round KO. Sharkey wins this fight 9 of 10 times, but that's why we fight them.

4. Max Baer vs. Jess Willard. Baer is 68-13 and from Omaha, NE. Son played Jethro Bodine on Beverly Hillbillies. Baer beat Max Schmelling in what was considered the 1933 Ring Magazine Fight of the Year. Jess Willard, "The Great white Hope", is 26-6-1 from Pottawatomie, KN. He became champ via a 26th round KO of Jack Johnson. Baer is a heavy favorite that wins this fight 19 times of 20. Same odds as Ali and Klitschko.

That's the top half of the Louisville, KY Regional. Bottom half to be posted next in Part B.
gridiron - Mar 30, 2017 - 03:04 PM
Post subject: Louisville Regional Detailed Preview Part B
1. Mike Tyson 50-6-2 from Brooklyn NY vs. Joe Choynski 52-14-6 from San Francisco, CA. Iron Mike vs. Little Joe. Mike was 37-0 before that trip to Tokyo. He was only 13-6 after that trip. Joe never fought for the title but did have a draw with James Jefferies and KO's a young Jack Johnson, who he later trained. Tyson is huge favorite, in the 19 of 20 range.

2. Riddick "Big Daddy" Bowe at 43-1 from Brooklyn, NY takes on Floyd Patterson who is 55-8-1 and from Waco, NC. Wow! Had forgotten that Bowe only lost once! What could have been.....He did beat Holyfield in 2 of 3 fights. Patterson was 0-5-1 in 2 fights each against Ali, Liston and Jerry Quarry. As a side note, he did beat Peter McNeeley's dad. Smile Don't let the 0-5-1 against those three big dogs fool you, Patterson is going to be a tough out and is a 3/1 favorite.

3. Peter "the Great" Jackson from Christiansted, West Indies at 30-5-13 takes on Jerry "Irish" Quarry at 53-9-4 from Bakersfield, CA. Not much is known about a lot of Jackson's foes as he fought in an era where he was not allowed to fight for the world championship. Quarry fought in a loaded era and lost to Norton, Frazier and Ali but was 1-0-1 vs. Floyd Patterson. He is 19/1 favorite to win the fight---but that's on paper, fight fans.

4. Sonny "The Big Bear" Liston from Sand Slough, AR vs. Joe Jeanette. Liston is 50-4 (when 2 are from Ali, 50-2 isn't a joke, is it?). Joe is 113-22-14. Jeanette also fought in an era where African Americans were not allowed to fight for the championship. Jack Johnson said: "Jeanette is the toughest man I ever fought." Vegas doesn't agree with the seeding as it actually has Jeanette as the favorite at about a 91% confidence in the pick.

There is the preview for the Louisville Regional.

*My thoughts and hopes for this bracket*
If you love Rocky movies, you have to love the underdog, so I'm down with some upsets....but only as long as Iron Mike and Ali do not fall early victim. The Floyd Patterson vs. Bowe winner will have some rooting interest just from having survived such an early tough opponent. Would like to see Klitschko eliminated early and always was kind of interested in Quarry as he fought in a loaded era. Could there be another "Great White Hope"? At least for a round or two?????
gridiron - Mar 31, 2017 - 09:47 AM
Post subject: LA Regional Detailed Preview Part A
1. James Jeffries, The Boilermaker" from Carroll, OH at 19-1-2 vs. Michael "Double M" Moorer from Brooklyn, NY at 52-4-1. Jeffries beat Tom Sharkey and James Corbett twice and his only loss was to Jack Johnson. Moorer was one of only 4 men (Ali, Lewis, and Holyfield) to win the Heavyweight World Title on 3 different occasions. Solid, even if not spectacular is a good way to describe Moorer. 96% in favor of Jeffries.

2. Harry "The Black Panther" Wills from New Orleans, LA at 79-10-4 vs. Primo Carnera from Sequals, Italy at 88-14. Carnera was 78-6 until losing his title to Max Baer. After that, he went 10-8 over the next 12 years. Wills was another victim of the old color line which prevented him from a real title shot. Wills is a big favorite in this one. 96%

3. Tom "Sailor" Sharkey from Dundalk, Ireland at 407-5 vs. Michael "Jinx" Spinks from St. Louis, MO at 31-1. Wyatt Earp actually reffed one of Sharkey's bouts. Wow. Really? Spinks was 31-0 until his loss to Tyson. He made sure he didn't hang around too long as that was his last fight.
This fight seems close as most have Sharkey at about a 2 of 3 pace.

4. Smokin Joe Frazier from Beaufort, SC at 32-4-1 vs. Jimmy Young from Philadelphia, PA at 34-19-2. Frazier's 4 losses? 2 to Ali and 2 to Foreman. Of course, his biggest win was vs. Ali. Young beat Foreman in the 1977 Ring Magazine Fight of the Year. Frazier is a huge favorite at 96%.
gridiron - Apr 06, 2017 - 09:55 AM
Post subject: LA Regional Detailed Preview Part B
1. Jack "The Galveston Giant" Johnson of Galveston, TX vs. Ernie "The Black Destroyer" Shavers of Garland, AL. Johnson was 73-13-10 and Shavers was 74-14-1 with 68 KO's. Jack Johnson was the first African American Heavyweight Champion of the World while Shavers best win was knocking out Ken Norton. Shavers did knock Larry Holmes down twice but was later knocked by Holmes in the 11th round of what would be his last big fight.

2. Sam Langford at 180-29-39 from Nova Scotia, Canada vs. Vitali "Dr. Ironfist" Klitschko of the former Soviet Union. Langford fought a ton of fights. Dr. Ironfist is the only heavyweight champion of the world to never be knocked down in any of his fights! He is now the mayor of Kiev.

3. Fred Fulton from Blue Rapids, Kansas vs. Frank "the Flying Dentist" Moran from Cleveland, Ohio. Fulton was 83-17-4 one of many Great White Hopes. Moran was 36-13-16 and lost the two heavyweight championship bouts he fought in. Moran actually played professional football for Pittsburgh and Akron.

4. Lennox "The Lion" Lewis from London England at 41-2-1 vs. James "The Cinderella Man" Braddock from New York City at 50-26-7. Lewis was 3-0-1 vs. Tyson, Holyfield, and Vitali Klitschko and that says a lot. Braddock beat Max Baer for the title but lost it in the next fight from Joe Louis.

Johnson, Klitschko, and Lewis are all expected to win by nearly 95% of those polled. Fulton has a 86 % of advancing a Great White Hope into the round of 32 according to most.

*My hopes and thoughts for this bracket*
Rooting hard for Joe Frazier and gotta root for a guy that played pro football in the early days...Moran. Between Lewis, Jack Johnson and Klitschko.....the bottom half of this regional is loaded with guys that could make a deep run.
gridiron - Apr 06, 2017 - 01:24 PM
Post subject: St Louis regional Detailed Preview Part B
1. Jack Dempsey, The Manassa Mauler, at 54-6-9 from Manassa Colorado vs. James "Gentleman Jim" Corbett from San Francisco, CA. Dempsey's "The Long Count" fight vs. Tunney was great (I just listened to the broadcast on some old fight MP3 files I purchased). Corbett is often referred to as "Father of Modern Boxing". He did KO John L. Sullivan for the title. Dempsey a 95% pick here.

2. Gunboat Smith from Philadelphia, PA sports a 81-46-13 record when he takes on Frank Slavin from New South Wales, Australia. Slavin is 43-12-9 with not a lot of big name son his resume. 2 of 3 experts pick Slavin to advance.

3. George Garner from Ireland takes on Sam McVey from Waelder, TX. McVey is 65-16-12. McVey died of pneumonia while still an active fighter. Unfortunately, he was penniless and Jack Johnson paid for his burial and marker. McVey should breeze past this fight at a 96% clip.

4. Gene "The Fighting Marine" Tunney is 65-1-1 from NYC and takes on Hasim "The Rock" Rahman at 50-9-2 from Baltimore, MD. The Rock traded KO's with Lennox Lewis and lost to Holyfield in what were probably his biggest three fights. See earlier fight preview for Dempsey regarding his bout with Tunney. Tunney is heavy favorite with 96% picking him to win.
gridiron - Apr 06, 2017 - 02:08 PM
Post subject: St Louis regional Detailed Preview Part A
*I messed up and did the bottom half of this regional first. Here is the top half of the St. Louis Regional.

1. Joe Louis at 66-3 vs. George "Boom-Boom" Chuvalo from Toronto, Canada. The Brown Bomber doesn't need a lot of introduction, does he? He is technically from LaFayette, Alabama. His only 3 losses were to Schmelling, Ezzard Charles and Rocky Marciano. Chuvalo did beat Jerry Quarry and lost to a great list of great fighter such as Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Ellis and Buster Mathis. Louis is a 96% pick to move on.

2. Gus "The Akron Giant" Ruhlin from Canton, Ohio at 31-7-4 takes on Michael "Dynamite" Dokes from Akron, Ohio. The committee wanted "A Battle for Ohio" with this match-up. Dokes is 53-6-2. Dokes beat Mike Weaver to go to 25-0-1 and become champion of the world. Two of his six losses were to Holyfield and Bowe. Dokes is favored by 9 of 10 folks covering the fight.

3. Max "The Black Uhlan of the Rhine" Schmelling at 56-10-4 vs. Joe "The Wild Man" Goddard from New South Wales, Australia. Goddard has a fellow countryman in this regional with Slavin. Goddard's wikipedia bio is odd...look it up. He did beat Joe Choynski. Schmelling is best known for his bouts with Joe Louis. Max is a 96% pick to advance.

4. Ezzard "The Cincinnati Cobra" Charles at 93-25-1 vs. Billy "The St. Paul Thunderbolt" Miske at 74-13-16. Charles is actually from Lawrenceville, GA and not Cincy. A Georgia boy with a cool nick name....I'm rooting for him. He fought Marciano, Walcott and Joe Louis and went 3-4 vs. them. Charles did beat Archie Moore twice. Miske is ranked 26th best heavyweight of all time by BoxRec. This is despite his illness and early death at 29. His victory over Bill Brennan is an interesting story in and of itself. See wikipedia. Charles is a 96% favorite to get into the round of 32.

*My hopes and thoughts for this regional*
1. Could we get another Tunney vs. Dempsey match-up?
2. Joe Louis appears to be on a collision course with either Charles or Schmelling.
FrankC - Apr 06, 2017 - 02:58 PM
Post subject: Ezzard Charles
Charles had what seemed like 2 distinct careers. One where he may have been the greatest Light-Heavyweight of all time and the 2nd where he was a good Heavyweight but had his legecy ruined by losing to Rocky Marciano twice and Jersey Joe Walcott. Fans didn't like him because he faced and beat a washed up Joe Louis who was forced back in the ring because of Tax problems. By 1953 Charles was losing on a regular basis adding to the blemish in his fading career. Charles high weight was 190 but he began at 160. He was born in Georgia but grew up in Cincinnati.

I had the pleasure of watching Charles fight on TV in the early 50's.
gridiron - Apr 06, 2017 - 06:14 PM
Post subject: Boston, MA Regional Detailed Preview Part A
1. Rocky Marciano "The Brockton Blockbuster" at 49-0 from Brockton, MA vs. "Neon" Leon Spinks at 26-17-3 from St. Louis, MO. Marciano=UNDEFEATED. Also, 5-0 vs. Ezzard Charles, Jersey Joe Walcott and Archie Moore. Spinks won the world title in only his 8th professional fight by beating Ali and then lost it 6 months later in the rematch. Rocky a heavy favorite at 96%.

2. Ken "The Black Hercules" Norton at 42-7-1 from Jacksonville, IL vs. "Jersey" Joe Walcott at 51-18-2 from Pennsauken, NJ. Norton fought Ali three times, winning one. Walcott split 4 bouts with Charles and lost to both Joe Louis and Marciano twice. Walcott has a 72% confidence pick going into this one.

3. Evander "Real Deal" Holyfield from Atlanta, GA by way of Atmore, AL is 44-10-2 and takes on "Gentleman" Gerry Cooney at 28-3 from Manhattan, NYC. Holyfield had two great wins by dominating Tyson, but had plenty of bad losses as well. Cooney was a modern "Great White Hope" and ran off to a 25-0 record before losing 3 of final 6 fights. Two of those were to Larry Holmes and George Foreman. Holyfield is a 96% pick to advance.

4. "Big' George Foreman at 76-5 and from Marshall, TX vs. Ingemar "The Hammer of Thor" Johansson at 26-2. Hammer comes from Sweden. Foreman's 5 losses? Ali, Jimmy Young, Holyfield, Tommy Morrison and Shannon Briggs. 86% think Foreman will advance.
gridiron - Apr 06, 2017 - 06:27 PM
Post subject: Boston, MA Regional Detailed Preview Part B
1. Bob "The Freckled Wonder" from Helston, UK is 68-8-4 and will be fighting James "Buster" Douglas at 38-6-1. Douglas hails from Columbus, Ohio. We all know what happened that fateful night in Tokyo, Japan for Buster Douglas. Fitzsimmons did beat James Corbett for the title. 65% of the experts believe that Buster will advance tot he 2nd round of the tourney.

2. Kid McCoy (55-6-9) from Moscow, Indiana vs. Al Kauffman at 21-7 from San Francisco, CA. Not sure how Kauffman got the invitation from the selection panel. Kid McCoy has a very colorful bio. Look him up. Kid is a 65% pick to advance.

3. Tommy "The Little Giant of Hanover" Burns (39-5-Cool is from Hanover, Ontario and takes on Peter "The Irish Giant" Maher of Gunmode, Ireland. Maher was certainly a busy fighter at 142-28-6. His best win was beating Joe Choynski. Burns is the only Canadian born Heavyweight Champ according to Wikipedia. Burns is a 96% favorite to reach the round of 32.

4. Larry "The Easton Assassin" Holmes from Easton, PA is 69-6 and taking on Luis Firpo from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Firpo is 31-4. If you don't know about his famous bout with Jack Dempsey....check it out......WOW!! Didn't realize--or had forgotten--that Holmes was actually born in Georgia. Holmes was challenging Marciano's 49-0 mark with an unbeaten record of 48-0 until back to back losses to Michael Spinks and then a 3rd straight loss at the hands of Mike Tyson. Holmes is 3rd all time in successful title defenses at 20. He only trails Joe Louis and Wladimir Klitschko in this category. 96% look for Holmes to advance.

*My thoughts and hopes for this regional*
1. The Boston Regional appears to have the most "close" fights in the preliminary odds. With Marciano, Foreman, Holmes, Holyfield and Jersey Joe Walcott, there is certainly no shortage of star power here.

2. Can Buster Douglas catch "lightning...twice?"

3. Enough of the hype-----the tournament kicks off tomorrow, Friday, April 7th!!!
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 10:28 AM
Post subject: Louisville Regional 1st Round Results
Ali KO over Briggs
W.. Klitschko KO over Hart
J. Sharkey TKO over John L Sullivan
Baer KO over Willard
Tyson TKO over Choynski
Patterson SD over Bowe
Quarry KO over Jackson
Jeanette UD over Liston

2nd Round Matchups:
Ali vs. W Klitschko
J Sharkey vs. Baer
Tyson vs. Patterson
Quarry vs. Jeanette
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 10:35 AM
Post subject: LA Regional 1st Round Results
Jeffries UD over Moorer
Wills TKO over Carnera
M. Spinks KO over Tom Sharkey
Frazier TKO over Young
Jack Jihnson SD over Shavers
V Klitschko KO over Langford
Fulton KO over Moran
Lewis SD over Braddock

Rd 2 Matchups
Jeffries vs Wills
M Spinks vs Frazier
Jack Johnson vs. V Klitschko
Fulton vs. Lewis
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 10:43 AM
Post subject: St Louis Regional 1st Rd Results
Louis TKO over Chuvalo
Dokes UD over Ruhlin
Schmelling KO over Goddard
Charles TKO over Miske
Dempsey KO over Corbett
Gunboat Smith SD over Slavin
McVey SD over Gardner
Tunney TKO over Rahman

2nd Rd Matchups
Louis vs. Dokes
Schmelling vs. Charles
Dempsey vs Gunboat Smith
McVey vs. Tunney
*Would be fun to see The Fighting Marine take on a Gunboat!
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 10:49 AM
Post subject: Boston Regional 1st Rd Results
Marciano KO over L Spinks
Walcott UD over Norton
Holyfield KO over Cooney
Foreman KO over Johansson
Fitzsimmons KO over Douglas
McCoy SD over Kauffman
Burns UD over Maher
Holmes SD over Firpo

Rd 2 Matchups
Marciano vs Walcott
Holyfield vs. Foreman
Fitzsimmons vs McCoy
Burns vs. Holmes
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 11:10 AM
Post subject: Overall Round 2 Preview
*Spots in the Sweet Science Sweet 16 are on the line*
Louiville, KY
Ali 96% to beat Klitschko
Baer favored by 7 of 10 to beat J Sharkey
Tyson favored by 86% to top Patterson
Jeanette a 96% pick to stop Quarry

Los Angeles, CA
3 OF 5 experts like Jeffries to beat Wiils
Frazier a big 96% favorite to top Michael Spinks
Jack Johnson favored by 2 of every 3 polled to top V Klitschko
Lewis a big 96% pick to top Fulton

St. Louis, MO
Loiis a 96% pick to beat Dokes...biggest "mismatch of 2nd round"
Charles also a 96% fav to top Schmelling
Dempsey a 96% pick over Gunboat in the rou ds 2nd biggest mismatch
McVey favored by 2 of 3 to top Tunney

Boston, MA
Marciano has a 75% chance to top Walcott
Holyfield a big 96% pick to beat Foreman
Fitzsimmons a 72% pick to top McCoy
Holmes a 96% pick to top Burns
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 11:16 AM
Post subject: Louisville 2nd Round Results
Ali KO over Klitschko
Sharkey UD over Baer (Upset)
Tyson UD over Patterson
Jeannette KO over Quarry (Selection panel "underseeded" Jeannette as he was 57th over all seed and has taken out 8 seeded Liston and now 40th seed Quarry.

Sweet 16 Matchups for Louisville Regional
Ali vs. Jack Sharkey
Tyson vs. Jeannette
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 11:21 AM
Post subject: Los Angeles 2nd Round Results
Wills KO over Jeffries (upset, 29 seed over a 4)
Frazier UD over M Spinks
Jack Johnson SD over V Klitschko
Lewis KO over Fulton

Sweet 16 Matchups
Wills vs. Frazier
Johnson vs. Lewis
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 11:26 AM
Post subject: St. Louis Round 2 Results
Louis UD over Dokes
Charles UD over Schmelling
Dempsey TKO over Gunboat Smith
McVey UD over Tunney (39 seed over a 7, but McVey was favored..another "underseed" by panel

Sweet 16 Matchups
Louis vs. Charles
Dempsey vs. McVey
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 11:30 AM
Post subject: Boston 2nd Round Results
Marciano KO over Walcott
Holyfield SD over Foreman
Fitzsimmons SD over McCoy
Holmes UD over Burns

Sweet 16 Matchups
Marciano vs. Holyfield
Fitzsimmons vs. Holmes
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 11:49 AM
Post subject: Sweet 16 Preview
Louisville Regional Semifinals
Ali is huge (96%) pick to top Sharkey, biggest mismatch according to pt values
Jeannette is favored by 3 of 5 to keep a dream Tyson vs. Ali match from happening

Los Angeles Regional Semifinals
Frazier is a 96% pick to end Wills run
Jack Johnson is favored by 86% to stop Lennox bid for an elite 8 spot

St. Louis Regional Semifinals
Louis and Dempsey are both 86% picks to top Charles and McVey and face each other for the regional final.

Boston Regional Semifinals
Marciano is a 72% favorite over Holyfield
Holmes is a 96% pick to take out Fitzsimmons.

*The 4, 7, and 8 overall seeds have been eliminated. Jeannette as the 57th seed is the lowest ranked entrant still alive. His ring rating suggests he should have been a top 32 seed at the least if not a top 20. Can Tyson stop his run?
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 12:02 PM
Post subject: Sweet 16 Results
Ali UD over Jack Sharkey
Jeannette SD over Tyson
*Ali will receive the 10 point hometown fighter bonus in the regional final

Frazier KO over Wills
Lewis TKO over Jack Johnson
*Frazier vs. Lewis for a trip to the Fistic Final Four

Louis UD over Charles
Dempsey KO over McVey
*Louis will receive the +10 hometown fighter bonus in regional final

Holyfield UD over Marciano ( Atl man with the upset..cant believe my roll went that way)
Holmes KO over Fitzsimmons
*Holyfield vs. Holmes with a trip to the Fistic Final Four on the line. Two of my fav fighters
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 12:22 PM
Post subject: Elite 8 Preview
Ali is 96% pick to end Jeannette's run. This represents biggest mismatch of the Elite 8

Frazier is a 72% pick to beat Lennox Lewis and have an epic 4th showdown with Ali in the Fistic Final Four

Louis is picked by 8 of 10 experts to stop Dempsey and advance to final 4.

Holmes is favored by 9 of 10 to stop Real Deal Holyfield's quest. Can the 19th seeded Holyfield pull one more great victory out to add to his legacy?
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 12:46 PM
Post subject: Elite 8 Wrap-Up
Ali TKO over Jeannette
Frazier TKO over Lewis
Dempsey KO over Louis
Holmes TKO over Holyfield

Semifinal Matchups
Ali vs. Frazier IV....can Frazier even this epic rivalry up at 2-2?
Holmes vs. Dempsey....Holmes was on verge of topping Marciano's record before Spinks...atonement on the horizon?
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 12:52 PM
Post subject: Semifinals Preview
Man! It's tempting to fight these final 4 bouts with Main Event, but I will stay true to the tournament format and keep it quick....ULTRA QUICK.

Ali is a 96% pick to go on to finals and in the process end any arguments from the Frazier camp tthat may still claim to be Ali's equal.

The Holmes vs. Dempsey is going to be a virtual deadlick as 51% pick Holmes to advance to fight Ali....again....and this time at Ali's best.

Ali was the overall 1 seed. Frazier was the 13th. Dempsey, the 10th. Holmes, the 6th.
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 12:56 PM
Post subject: Semifinal Wrap-Up
Ali SD over Frazier....these two get after it, don't they

Holnes TKO over Dempsey.

Holmes vs. Ali.....both at their best....winner take's

Ali-Holmes II..........for all the marbles!

Frazier vs. Dempsey for 3rd Place.
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 01:00 PM
Post subject: Consolation/Championship Preview
Dempsey is a 65% favorite to beat Frazier.

Ali is a 86% favorite to win the PBA Belt for the 2017 tournament.

Personally, I am rooting for Frazier and Holmes to pull upsets and turn this tournament inside out on the final night.
gridiron - Apr 08, 2017 - 01:05 PM
Post subject: Champion Crowned
Dempsey SD over Frazier for 3rd Place

Ali UD over Holmes for the undisputed PBA Heavyweight World Championship Title.

Let the conversations begin for next year's tournament....debate seeding....who belongs......who doesn't?
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