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Goal Pro soccer pc
anyone have the Goal Pro Soccer PC game that is without Windows size problems?
I've got the latest build for windows 10, and a version that's confirmed to work on XP over at my website:


Just click on the downloads section. Hope it's what you were looking for.
Still have the problem on win10...
Did you try the XP version as well, even though you're on Windows 10?

If so, let me know specifically what the problem is, and I'll try to make a version for you that doesn't have that problem.

NO PROBLEMS after using xp ver...
but why i cannot create a team even i filled all the player's names???
Glad it worked for you.

You might not be able to progress in the team generator because there are other blank fields on the page that need to be filled in, or other values that need to be entered. Just a guess.
the problem is the team creation screen,it has one player line missing,can you fix it??
I don't see a missing line. My screen looks like this:

However,my screen don't cover the gk subtitiute.
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