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GV's UQ Wrestling Results
Hi Friends,

I'll post all my UQ Wrestling results in here. I'm currently using the WWF's Attitude Era from the late 90's. Here are my champions:

WWF Champion - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Intercontinental Champion - The Rock
European Champion - Jeff Jarrett
Tag Team Champions - The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher)
Hardcore Champion - The Big Boss Man
Light Heavyweight Champion - Taka Michinoku
Ladies Champion - Sable
Edited by GV on 04/05/2019
WWF Monday Night RAW Results (Attitude Era Late 90's)


at The Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, MD

Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler

Ring Announcer: Kevin Kelly

Referees: Tim White, Chad Patton, Teddy Long & Earl Hebner

Match #1

Blackjack Windham defeated Vader at 4:57.

Windham scored the pin with a roll up from behind after The Disciples of the Apocalypse manager "Precious" Paul Ellering came down to ringside and blinded Vader with a handful of powder to the eyes. After the bell, "Precious" Paul added insult to injury by clobbering Vader with his Hallibuton while Windham held his opponent from behind. Windham's former tag team partner Blackjack Bradshaw then raced in with a chair to make the save. Does Ellering harbor an old grudge against Vader, or is he looking to recruit Windham into his D.O.A. stable ?

Match #2

Hawk of the Legion of Doom 2000 (w/ Animal and Manageress Sunny) over 8-Ball of The Disciples of the Apocalypse (w/ Skull & Manger "Precious" Paul Ellering) by Count Out at 6:34.

Vader returned to ringside and Powerbombed 8-Ball through the Spanish announcer's table leading to the count out. After the match, Vader brawled with both members of D.O.A. Skull and 8-Ball were soon joined by Blackjack Windham while Blackjack Bradshaw raced in to help Vader.

Match #3

Chainsaw Charlie (aka Terry Funk) defeated Kaientai (Sho Funaki & Dick Togo w/ Manager Yamaguchi-San) in a Handicap Match at 3:17.

Al Snow, who is a few dozen cards short of a full deck, came down to ringside with "Head"and KO'd Togo with a loaded mannequin mug smash from the top rope leading to the pinfall for Charlie.

Match #4

WWF European Title Match. Champion Jeff Jarrett (w/ The Fargo Strut and Manager Tennessee Lee) turned back the challenge of former Nation of Domination leader Faarooq to retain the title at 5:44.

Jarrett pinned Faarooq after a smash to the chops with the European Title Belt while Tennessee Lee distracted Referee Earl Hebner.

Match #5

Hunter Hearst Helmsley of D-Generation X (w/ "The 9th Wonder of the World" Chyna) beat Owen Hart at 7:46.

Helmsley pinned Hart with the Pedigree (Double Underhook Facebuster) onto a folding Chair that Chyna had slid into the ring.

Match #6

In the Main Event, The Nation of Domination (WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock & D'Lo Brown w/ "The Strongest Man in the World" Mark Henry) defeated WWF Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & Dude Love in a Tag Team Match at 14:16.

The Rock pinned Dude Love after Mr. McMahon came down to ringside and shoved the Dude off the top rope from behind. After the match, Austin laid out McMahon with the Stone Cold Stunner.
Edited by GV on 04/02/2019
WWF Smackdown Results (Attitude Era Late 90's)


at The Kiel Center, St. Louis, MO

Commentators: Michael Cole & Shane McMahon

Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel

Referees: Jack Doan, Teddy Long, Chad Patton & Mike Sparks

Match #1

Essa Rios (w/ Lita) vs. Christian of The Brood (w/ Edge & "The Vampire Warrior" Gangrel)

Christian received a helping hand, literally, from his stablemate Edge who reached into the ring and pulled Rios' foot out from under him as the Mexican star was attempting to suplex Christian back into the ring from the apron. Christian landed on top of his opponent and scored the winning pin at 3:09. Lita protested vehemently to Referee Jack Doan but the decision stood.

Match #2

Tag Team Match - Vader & Bradshaw vs. The Disciples of the Apocalypse (8-Ball & Skull w/ "Precious" Paul Ellering)

The feud between Blackjack Windham and BlackjackBradshaw continued to escalate this evening. Vader and D.O.A. once again found themselves drawn into the mayhem. Windham interrupted a prematch backstage interview with Bradshaw & Vader to lambaste his former tag team partner regarding the dissolution of the Blackjacks. Bradshaw took the high road and walked off the set, but Windham's tirade cost he and Vader 50 points for tonight's bout. As we would soon discover, there was more interference still to come. With the match hanging in the balance, Windham snuck into the ring and tried to bash Bradshaw with "Precious" Paul Ellering's Halliburton, but ended up accidentally clobbering 8-Ball with it instead. Windham's blunder cost D.O.A. the match. Your winners by pin at 8:39 - Vader & Bradshaw.

Match #3

Val Venis (w/ Lecherous "Hello, Ladies …" Drawl and Valet Ryan Shamrock) vs. "Marvelous" Marc Mero (w/ Valet Jacqueline)

Former adult film star Val Venis found out the hard way that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". The trouble began when WWF Ladies Champion Sable came down to ringside to stir up some trouble for her Ex Marc Mero. The Big Valbowski flirted with Sable throughout the match which drew the ire of his valet Ryan Shamrock. Venis appeared to have the match sewn up when he scaled the top rope to deliver his Money Shot (Diving Splash) finisher, however the jealous Shamrock shoved him off before he could properly set himself. Mero capitalized on the moment and pinned Venis at 5:00.

Match #4

Hardcore Match - Droz vs. Al Snow

Of the two competitors, Al Snow appeared to be a little more adept and comfortable in this type of match. Snow employed various objects and weapons found around and beneath the ring enroute to victory, including a Kendo Stick, bowling ball and cookie sheet. Al finished Droz off with a DDT onto a steel chair at 12:53. Seeking payback on Snow for his interference in their Handicap Match against Chainsaw Charlie on Monday Night RAW, all four members of Kaientai then hit the ring. Sho Funaki, Men's Teioh, Dick Togo and WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku scored successive splashes from the top rope on Al to exact their revenge.

Match #5

Tornado Tag Team Steel Cage Match - The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg Jesse James & "Badd Ass" Billy Gunn of D-Generation X ) vs. L.O.D. 2000 (Animal & Hawk)

According to the stipulations, all four men were allowed in the ring at the same time with no count outs, time limit or disqualifications. The match is won by pinfall or submission. Both teams earned bonus points to bolster their totals before the action got underway. LOD cut a spirited backstage interview beforehand, while the New Age Outlaws brought the fans to their feet with Road Dogg's "Oh, you didn't know …. " trademark entrance. The Outlaws endured a lot of punishment, but persevered to win the bout at 15:41 after combining for a Spiked Piledriver to pin Hawk.

Match #6

Main Event - "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock (w/ Fiery Temper) vs. The Godfather (w/ Entourage of "Hos" )

Faarooq interrupted a pre-match backstage interview with The Godfather to let him know that he has a vendetta against The Nation of Domination for kicking him out as their leader. The Pimp Daddy, formerly know as Kama Mustafa within the ranks of The Nation, tried to smooth things over by informing Faarooq that he had left the stable, and then offered him the services of one of his "Hos" for the evening. Faarooq said he would render his response shortly. Apparently the answer was an emphatic "No !", given that Faarooq snuck into the ring during the match and laid the Godfather out with the Dominator (Inverted Front Powerslam). Oblivious to the interference, Shamrock then applied his Anklelock finisher. The Pimp Daddy was on the verge of tapping out when Bobcat (one of his Hos) raced in and clubbed Shamrock from behind with The Godfather's cane to draw the DQ at 11:42.
Edited by GV on 04/06/2019
WWF Sunday Night Heat Results (Attitude Era Late 90's)


at The Kohl Center Arena, Madison, WI

Commentators: Michael Cole & Jim Cornette
Ring Announcer: "Jolting" Joe Bryan
Referees: Mike Sparks, Earl Hebner, Teddy Long & Tim White


I say this in bold caps, my friends ! The Boss doesn’t attend all of the WWF’s events, but when he does, you can bet the farm that anything can (and usually does) happen !

Match #1

WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku of Kaientai (w/ Men's Teioh & Manager Yamaguchi-San) defeated Scorpio via Count Out at 4:33 in a non-title bout. Things took a turn for the worst when Scorpio bailed from the ring for a quick breather. Taka disrupted the time out with an Asai Moonsault to the outside which sent his opponent crashing hard to the floor. The frustrated Scorpio then attempted to bring a steel folding chair into the ring, but had it driven into his own face by a Michinoku Baseball Slide Drop Kick beneath the bottom rope. Scorpio once again found himself sprawled out on the floor. By the time he shook out the cobwebs, it was too late to make Referee Mike Sparks’ ten count.

Prior to the match, Michinoku was involved in a rather humerous skit that found his backstage interview with members of the Japanese press being crudley dubbed into English with a voiceover that suspiciously sounded like that of one Shane McMahon. Taka’s responses to their questions were rude and often made absolutely no sense whatsoever. The embarrassed Michinoku quickly covered his mouth with his hands while his manager Yamaguschi-San tried to save face and assured the offended reporters that it was not Taka who was doing the speaking. Just then, a masked man dressed somewhat like that of a colorful ninja, disrupted the interview and pleaded with Yamaguchi-San to allow him to join the Kaientai stable. In an effort to cast a good impression, the mystery man performed some intricate martial arts maneuvers, but accidentally stepped on the barefoot Michinoku in the process. Taka hopped about the set grimacing in pain while Yamaguchi-San unmasked his antagonist. The ninja turned out to be none other than Al Snow who was looking to revive his old “Avatar” gimmick. Snow has been enveloped in an ongoing tiff, albeit a comical one, with Kaientai over the past couple of weeks. All of the pre-match mayhem cost Michinoku 50 points for his match against Scorpio.

Match #2

Ivory defeated Jacqueline (w/ "Marvelous" Marc Mero) in a Ladies Match at 5:32. Joe Bryan was about to make the match introductions when Mr. McMahon’s “No Chance !” theme music boomed over the PA system. The Boss sauntered down to ringside with his lackeys Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco in tow. Vince seemed to bask in the nasty reception that he received from the rowdy Madison, WI crowd. He snatched the house mic out of Joe’s hand and paced around the ring saying “I’m waiting for quiet !” Of course, his remark made the fans boo all the more. “When I talk,” the impatient McMahon barked, “you Cheeseheads shut up and listen, dammit !!” Brisco then quickly chimed in, "Did y’all hear what Mr. Mack-Man said ??” The jeers persisted. “This is why I hate the Packers !” the Boss sneered. More boos. Things finally settled down allowing McMahon to announce that the winner of this match would face Sable for the WWF Ladies Championship at Wrestlemania. Ivory scored the winning pinfall by sneaking up from behind and catching Jacqueline with a roll up while she was conferring with "Marvelous" Marc Mero in the corner.

Match #3

"Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman defeated "The Vampire Warrior" Gangrel of The Brood (w/ Edge & Christian) at 8:21. WWF Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin joined Michael Cole and Jim Cornette at the announcers’ table to provide guest commentary for this bout. Austin will be defending the title against Gangrel at Wrestelmania. The Vampire Warrior earned the opportunity to face Austin by winning the Royal Rumble. Gangrel seemed distracted by the Texas Rattlesnake’s presence at ringside throughout this contest. Blackman’s chances were further enhanced by his ring entrance. The fans were really into his glow-in-the dark Filipino Fighting Sticks routine and rewarded the Lethal Weapon with 125 additional points to work with. Ironically enough, the fighting sticks would also play a prominent role in the outcome of the match. Edge threw them into the ring for Gangrel to use, but Blackman got to one of the sticks first and bashed his opponent in the head with it to score the pinfall. After the bell, Austin entered the ring to raise the Lethal Weapon’s hand in victory and was attacked by both Edge and Christian. The Rattlesnake dropped them with Stone Cold Stunners after Blackman helped him fight off both members of The Brood.

Match #4

Southern Justice (Formerly known as The Godwinns - Dennis Knight & Mark Canterbury w/ Manager Tennessee Lee) defeated The Brothers of Destruction ("The Big Red Machine" Kane & "The Phenom" Undertaker w/ Manager Paul Bearer & Mysterious Urn) in a tag team match at 8:59. The match appeared to be over after Kane flattened Dennis Knight with his Chokeslam from Hell finisher, but Mr. McMahon came out to berate the Brothers of Destruction with a severe tongue lashing before Kane could make the pin. During the tirade, the Big Boss Man (McMahon’s corporate bodyguard) snuck into the ring and clubbed The Big Red Machine from behind with his nightstick. Referee Tim White turned around to find Knight covering the KO’d Kane and counted the pin. McMahon returned to the back with a sinister smile upon his face.

Match #5

The bout between X-Pac of D-Generation X and D'Lo Brown of The Nation of Domination (w/ "The Strongest Man in the World" Mark Henry) ended in a Double Disqualification. There is no love lost between Vince McMahon and the D-Generation X stable, so it came as no surprise when The Boss once again inserted himself into the proceedings. Before the match began, Vince ordered that "The 9th Wonder of the World" Chyna, who had accompanied X-Pac to the ring, return to the back. As McMahon is well aware, Chyna is notorious for interfering in matches involving DX members. Then again, the same can likewise be said of Mark Henry with Nation of Domination matches, yet the Boss allowed him to stay at ringside. When Chyna protested and demanded to know the reason, McMahon responded curtly , “Because I said so, that’s why !” Chyna then petitioned Referee Earl Hebner. The WWF’s senior official could only shrug his shoulders and say it was out of his hands. Chyna reluctantly walked to the back and gave Vince a dirty look as she passed by him on the ramp. “Don’t forget who signs your paychecks,” the Boss snapped at her. He then turned his attention back to the match and said “Ring the bell!” With that, the bout finally got under way. As expected, Mark Henry interfered frequently; so much so that X-Pac must have felt as though he were in a Handicap Match. D-Generation X could stand no more. Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna stormed the ring, as did WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock for The Nation. A free-for-all ensued between the rival factions with Hebner throwing the match out at 5:14.

Match #6

In the Main Event, Mankind (w/ Mr. Socko) over The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust (w/ Valet Luna Vachon) by disqualification at 10:37. Once again, the unpredictable Mr. McMahon weighed in with a sterling endorsement of Mankind before the match. Why ? Only the Boss knows for sure. Perhaps he is looking to add another member to his Corporate Stable ? Whatever the reason, Vince’s praise added 75 points to Mankind’s score. Undaunted, the former WWF European Champion The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust also added 75 points to his total with his flamboyant "Shattered Dreams" Hollywood production entrance. Nevertheless, Mankind dominated this match from the start and, in time, clamped on his Mandible Claw finisher (made all the more effective by the vile and putrid Mr. Socko). Trapped in the middle of the ring with no place to go, Goldust slugged Referee Mike Sparks to save himself from the submission and draw the DQ.
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