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Derek's [mostly 80s] WWF
Derek Kraft
Agricultural Hall
Allentown, PA
Referee = Connie Marker

The big event is the 16-man tournament to crown the inaugural WWF World Heavyweight Champion

WWF Tourney Rd 1: Junkyard Dog v Paul Orndorff w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Jimmy Snuka joined JYD for his entrance, but the pop was short-lived as Mr. Wonderful delivered a Running Clothesline as the bell rang then applied a Crossface Chickenwing and got the early submission. 1 min 5 secs

Special Delivery Jones v Nikolai Volkoff w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: SD came out of the gate hot w/ 4 straight moves but Al Kaissey put an end to that when he Tripped him. Jones and Volkoff went back and forth w/ a Jones’ Elbow Drop as the highlight before the Russian caught SD in a Bear Hug and got the pinfall soon after. 8 min 3 secs

Mil Mascaras & Pedro Morales v Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji & Randy Savage w/ Miss Elizabeth: this match was filled w/ big names who are expected to do great things in the WWF. Mascaras wowed the crowd from the get go w/ a Monkey Flip, Bow & Arrow, Diving Headbutt Drop and Frankensteiner. The Macho Man was the unwilling recipient of the offensive explosion and quickly tagged out. Fuji pulled Mil out of the ring and Muraco nailed a Knee Drop Backbreaker. Fuji tried to get involved again but Mascaras hit him w/ Chops, pumping up himself and the crowd. Muraco was able to surprise Mascaras and Slam him through a Table. But when he tried a second lift Mil reversed it and Slammed the Hawaiian on the Concrete. Marker counted, 1-2-3…-8-9-Mascaras slid into the ring but Muraco was out. Count-out! 5 min 40 secs

WWF Tourney Rd 1: Jimmy Snuka v Ken Patera w/ Bobby Heenan: Patera had control early after a Turnbuckle Slam and Piledriver but the match turned when it went outside the ring, where Superfly Slammed Patera into the Ring Post. Back inside, Snuka hit a Knee Drop and Multiple Chops. Another Knee Drop nearly resulted in the pin but the Olympian got his foot on the ropes at the last second. A third Knee Drop was the charm as Snuka got the pin at 10 min 9 secs. While Snuka had his hands raised and was celebrating w/ the crowd, Paul Orndorff snuck into the ring and attacked him. President Jack Tunney later announced that the two would face off in round 2 of the tournament.

WWF Tourney Rd 1: Tony Garea v Big John Studd w/ Bobby Heenan: Hulk Hogan grabbed the mic pre-match to taunt his upcoming opponent, Iron Mike Sharpe. Garea had a pin attempt early after a Moonsault but after that it was all Big John Studd. It wasn’t all fair either, as the Brain Gouged Garea’s eyes while Studd distracted the referee, and BJS followed up w/ a devastating Heart Punch. Studd finished this one w/ a Short-Arm Clothesline and pin at 10 min 42 secs. Heenan went 2 for 3 for the night and had to be happy.

WWF Tourney Rd 1: Hulk Hogan v Iron Mike Sharpe: Hogan came out fired up, landing Hulked-Up Punches and a Big Boot. Iron Mike though earned the first pin attempt after a Body Slam. The Hulkster regained control and finished the match with a Bear Hug, earning the submission at 6 min 50 secs. Sharpe doesn’t appear to have allowed the result to settle their friction, and he pummeled Hogan post-match, using his forearm cast to batter the victor until the locker room emptied to stop the beating. 6 min 50 secs
Derek Kraft
The Fieldhouse
Hamburg, PA
Referee = Johnny Shorn

WWF Tourney Rd 1: Tony Atlas v Rowdy Roddy Piper w/ bodyguard Cowboy Bob Orton: Piper dominated this one, executing an Atomic Drop, applying a Sleeper and landing a Big Right Hand. He got the submission w/ a Boston Crab. 6 min 39 secs

Tony Garea v Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji: Muraco started hot, performing the opening 5 moves of the match, including a Gorilla Press Slam and Small Package. Garea battled back w/ a 2nd Rope Elbow Smash and Running Clothesline. Fuji’s attempt to distract the referee backfired as Muraco was the one who got distracted, allowing Garea to nail a Vertical Suplex. Muraco then KO’d the referee (unclear even on replay whether intentional or not) and took advantage of the situation by applying a series of illegal moves on Garea w/ the help of the devious Fuji (-10 END!!!). A few minutes later Muraco hit the Hawaiian Hammer (Tombstone Piledriver) and got the pin. 8 min 18 secs

WWF Tourney Rd 1: Ivan Putski v Ivan Koloff w/ Captain Lou Albano: Koloff was too busy jawing w/ the crowd to notice the bell, allowing Putski to catch him in a Bear Hug. Things went from bad to worse when Albano accidentally tripped his client. Koloff recovered by Choking Putski w/ a Chain then Threw him Outside the Ring and Slammed him on the Concrete. Back inside, Koloff softened up the Pole w/ an Inverted Backbreaker and Shoulder Smash before laying him out w/ the Russian Sickle. Easy 1-2-3 by Shorn and Koloff moves into the quarterfinals. 6 min 2 secs

The British Bulldogs v The Moondogs: an even bout that started off slow but got going in the 7th minute when Davey Boy Smith performed a Piledriver and Superplex in succession. Spot tagged in and Hit him w/ a Chair before applying an Indian Deathlock. Smith tagged out but before exiting teamed w/ the Dynamite Kid for a Double Delayed Suplex. Spot and Rex combined for a Double Backbreaker Spot then whipped the Kid to the Ropes and set up for a Back Body Drop. He telegraphed the maneuver and the Kid countered w/ a Sunset Flip. Shorn was in perfect positon and counted 1-2-3. Spot shook his bone at the referee and may have had a claim for a quick-count (pin 1-6, rolled 6). 10 min 29 secs

WWF Tourney Rd 1: Tito Santana v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: the wrestlers were jawing pre-match and it looked like some fisticuffs were about to result but then President Jack Tunney appeared and intervened, announcing that the winner of this bout would not only advance to the next round, but would also become Intercontinental Champion. With a title on the line these guys gave it everything they had. Santana hit a Mule Kick and Slammed Valentine through a Table. The Hammer landed Knife-Edge Chops, executed a Vertical Suplex and connected w/ a Pointed Elbow to Gut. At the 7 min mark the match was knotted at -2 END. Valentine earned a pin attempt after a Figure 4 and Santana after a Tiger Suplex. The match turned when Hart tossed Brass Knuckles into the ring (Shorn had just received a bump and was dazed), inadvertently striking Valentine in the head. Santana took advantage, battering his opponent while Shorn was leaning against the ropes recovering (-10 END!!!). Santana nearly got a pin after a Dropkick and then again after a Diving Headbutt Drop, but both times Valentine got his foot on the ropes at the last second. Finally, Santana hit a Moonsault, covered, and got the 3-count. Tito Santana is the Intercontinental Champion! 15 min 50 secs

WWF Tourney Rd 1: Sgt. Slaughter v The Iron Sheik w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: the Sheik had a rough start, getting distracted pre-match by a scantily clad ring girl then, after Al Kaissey got into an argument w/ a fan, took away his beer bottle and tossed it into the ring, Slaughter hit Sheik w/ said bottle. A Slaughter Body Slam didn’t help matters for the Iranian. The Iron Sheik got some offense in w/ a pair of Short-Arm Clotheslines and a Vertical Suplex. Then things got weird. Slaughter fell into Shorn, conking heads and making Shorn woozy once again as the Iron Sheik covered. A perplexed Sheik had to be wondering why no count was being made but then went woozy himself when Pedro Morales ran into the ring and KO’d HIM, placing Slaughter on top and sneaking out just as Shorn came to. Shorn saw the cover, scratched his head then did the only reasonable thing, counted 1-2-3. Slaughter wins! 8 min 35 secs
Derek Kraft
Embassy Hall
North Bergen, NJ
referee = Ralph Hamilton

Pedro Morales v The Iron Sheik w/ Adnan Al Kaissey: Morales KO’d the Sheik on MD 2, putting Slaughter on top for the easy pin. The Iranian grabbed the microphone pre-match and upset the crowd and Morales when he ranted, “Iran # 1, USA ptooey, Puerto Rico double ptooey!” This was a fun match. The Iron Sheik used his infamous Loaded Boot. Morales Slammed him on the Concrete. Al Kaissey pummeled Morales while the Sheik distracted Hamilton, feigning an injury. The crowd loved it when Morales delivered Repeated Punches to Face. The Sheik applied a Camel Clutch and Morales hit a Cannonball. Al Kaissey intervened again, tossing a Steel Chain to the Sheik who used it. Morales nearly got the pinfall after a German Suplex but the Sheik kicked out at the last second (pin 1-7, rolled 8). Another Camel Clutch by the Iron Sheik, a Boston Crab by Morales. No quit in either. Morales nailed a Cannonball, cover, count, 1-2-3, Morales wins! Post-match, President Jack Tunney announced that he was so impressed with this match that he decided halfway through it that the winner would become the # 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, once a champion was crowned. So, Morales will have a title shot! 12 min 57 secs

SD Jones v Randy Savage w/ Miss Elizabeth: Special Delivery hit a Reverse Headbutt early but when he tried another one the Macho Man held up a Vanity given him by Elizabeth. Not long after Savage hit a Scoop Slam and finished Jones w/ the Diving Elbow Drop. Pinfall at 5 min 36 secs

WWF tourney quarterfinals: Jimmy Snuka v Paul Orndorff w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Mr. Wonderful attacked Superfly after the latter’s victory over Ken Patera on MD 1. Here, Orndorff heard the commentators praising him pre-match and got a big head. His head swelled up even more when Snuka bashed it into Heenan’s cranium! Orndorff landed an Atomic Drop and Hip Toss. Snuka hit a Knee Drop then earned a pin attempt w/ a Brain Claw. Orndorff nailed a Piledriver and covered. 1-2-3- Mr. Wonderful wins! ENDs were Snuka -4 and Orndorff -11. 7 min 26 secs

WWF tourney quarterfinals: Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana (non-title match) v Roddy Piper w/ bodyguard Cowboy Bob Orton: Santana had a couple of moves early w/ a Mexican Suplex and Mule Kick but Piper had a Suplex of his own and a pair of Running Clotheslines as well as pin attempts w/ a Quick Roll-Up and DDT. Orton tossed a Nightstick to his boss who used it, exhausting the Intercontinental Champion. From there it was all Rowdy Roddy, another DDT, a Piledriver and then a Sleeper. Hamilton called for the bell when Santana didn’t respond. 11 min 49 secs

WWF tourney quarterfinals: Hulk Hogan v Ivan Koloff w/ manager Captain Lou Albano: the Russian had 3 pin attempts (Bridging German Suplex, Sunset Flip, Quick Pin Move) and a sub attempt (Sleeper) early but couldn’t put the Hulkster down. Hulked-Up Punches and a Closed Fist evened the match at -1 END at the 6:30 mark. Hogan exhausted Koloff w/ a Hogan Leg Drop but couldn’t get the 3-count. The second Leg Drop proved a charm though, and Hogan got the pin at 8 min 59 secs.

WWF tourney quarterfinals: Sgt. Slaughter v Big John Studd w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Slaughter wore the big man down w/ a variety of moves, including a Cannonball, DDT and Military Knee to Gut. Studd got in a pair of Short-Armed Clotheslines. Slaughter finished the match w/ 3 Cobra Clutches in the final 2 minutes. Studd submitted at 7 min 36 secs.
Derek Kraft
Civic Center
Glens Falls, NY
referee = Tom Hamilton

Ivan Putski v Ken Patera w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Putski hit a pair of Running Clotheslines early then applied a Sleeper and a little later earned a pin attempt w/ a Powerbomb. Patera caught the Pole w/ a Swinging Neckbreaker before Heenan intervened. Hamilton caught him and disqualified Patera. DQ win for Putski! 4 min 6 secs

Tony Atlas v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: Atlas had the advantage early w/ a Running Shoulder Block and Full Nelson. Valentine battled back w/ a Neckbreaker, Body Slam and Figure 4. This one could go either way. Iron Mike Sharpe ensured it went the Hammer’s way when he distracted the referee, allowing Valentine to use a Slapjack (-10 END!!!). A Neckbreaker came immediately after and Valentine got the pinfall. 11 mins 50 secs

The British Bulldogs v The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: Davey Boy Smith complained about the cheap shot that allowed the Sheik to lock in an early Boston Crab. The Iron Sheik surreptitiously pushed Smith into the ref, and Hamilton didn’t like it, disqualifying the Bulldogs! 2 min 20 secs

Mil Mascaras v Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji: on MD1 Muraco was counted out in a tag team match when Mascaras Slammed him on the Concrete. Here, while waiting in the ring, Mascaras was confronted by a trash-talking Randy Savage, Muraco’s tag team partner. The masked man impressed here, performing a Slingshot Crossbody and Monkey Flip and applying a Surfboard and Bow & Arrow. A Shoulderbreaker was the highlight for the less than Magnificent Muraco. Mascaras got the pin after a Moonsault. 6 min 9 secs

WWF tourney semifinals: Sgt. Slaughter v Roddy Piper w/ bodyguard Cowboy Bob Orton: a new wrestler, Ricky Steamboat, appeared ringside to cheer on Slaughter. With a Powerslam, a pair of Cannonballs and a Cobra Clutch, Slaughter was well on his way to victory. But Piper rallied, performing a Fireman’s Carry and Atomic Drop and applying a Boston Crab. Slaughter had pin attempts after a Body Slam, Back Body Drop and Piledriver but Piper held on. A Punch to Groin by Piper was seen by Hamilton, who gave a warning. Slaughter surprised Piper w/ another Piledriver and covered. 1-2-3-Slaughter wins! 11 min 54 secs

WWF tourney semifinals: Hulk Hogan v Paul Orndorff w/ manager Bobby Heenan: I won’t keep you in suspense here-Hogan won. EVENTUALLY. The story here was Hogan’s utter domination (9 pin/sub attempts to 0) and Mr. Wonderful’s unwillingness to concede (the match went almost 20 minutes). At the 10 min mark ENDs were Hogan +4 and Orndorff -16. Orndorff kicked out of the pin after a Hogan Leg Drop (1-13) and a Stalling Suplex (1-11). Heenan got involved when he moved his client’s foot onto the ropes after another pin attempt. Another Hogan Leg Drop ended this one w/ Hogan finally getting the win at 19 min 55 secs. So it is Slaughter v Hogan for the belt!
Derek Kraft
South Mountain Arena
West Orange, NJ
referee = Charles Robinson

Pedro Morales v Don Muraco w/ manager Mr. Fuji: Mil Mascaras joined Morales for the pre-match promo, boosting the # 1 contender’s confidence. Just as he did against Mascaras on MD 4, Muraco had a tough go in this one. Morales opened w/ 4 consecutive moves before Muraco hit the Asian Spike. Muraco then executed a picture perfect Scoop Slam and covered but the ref got distracted by Fuji, and by the time the ref turned around to make the count Morales had reversed the pin. Muraco got to the ropes, but never got any momentum again. Morales performed a Knee Drop Backbreaker and a pair of Cannonballs, getting the pinfall after the second. 7 min 23 secs

Tony Atlas v Iron Mike Sharpe: on MD 4 Sharpe distracted the ref, allowing Greg Valentine to use a Slapjack on Atlas and get the pin shortly after. This one was all Tony, as he opened w/ a Military Press Slam, hit a Powerbomb and Choke Slam, and got the pin after a second Military Press Slam. Canada’s Greatest Athlete was not happy w/ what he [correctly] perceived as Robinson’s quick-count (pin 1-11, rolled 11), but when you are exhausted after less than 5 minutes, the referee might be the last person to blame. 4 min 10 secs

Junkyard Dog v Ivan Koloff w/ Captain Lou Albano: everyone in the area except poor JYD and the referee, who were distracted by Captain Lou stumbling onto the apron, saw Koloff remove the padding from the turnbuckle, place a Steel Plate on it then replace the padding. He immediately Slammed JYD’s head into it (-15 END!!!). A 2nd Rope Knee Drop, a pair of Hip Tosses and finally a Piledriver gave Koloff the easy pin and victory. 3 min 31 secs

The British Bulldogs v The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: the heels got a cheap DQ victory on MD 4. This was a good one. Volkoff tried a Running Big Boot on the Dynamite Kid in the heel’s corner but the Kid rolled out of the way at the last second and Volkoff KO’d the Sheik, who was out for 5 minutes. Al Kaissey handed Volkoff a Cinderblock and he used it on the Kid. A little while later Al Kaissey knocked Davey Boy Smith in the Knee w/ a Tire Iron! The Iron Sheik then immediately applied a Camel Clutch (DBS broke hold) then hit a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Later, Smith hit a Diving Headbutt and, after the Iron Sheik missed w/ the Tire Iron, the Bulldogs hit a Double Clothesline. Dynamite followed up w/ a Snap Suplex and covered. 1-2-Iron Sheik kicks out just in time (pin 1-7, rolled 8). Smith returned, hit a Leaping Headbutt, covered, and should have had the 3-count but for Al Kaissey, who blatantly broke it up. Robinson gave a warning but let the match continue. Volkoff returned, nailed a Backbreaker, and got the 1-2-3 from Robinson. Later, it was announced that Smith would miss 1 month of action because of the shot to his knee. 20 mins

Mil Mascaras v Randy Savage w/ valet Miss Elizabeth: the Macho Man confronted Mascaras w/ some trashtalk before the latter’s bout on MD 4. Here, the pair were jawing and it looked like it was about to escalate when President Jack Tunney appeared and announced that this would be the 1st of a best of 7 LOSER LEAVES TOWN series! WOW!!! This was another good one. Mascaras performed a Suicide Dive and applied a Surfboard early. Savage connected w/ a Macho High Knee. The action went outside where Elizabeth twice Tripped Mascaras. Mil was able to Slam Savage into the Ring Steps and Body Slam him on the unprotected Concrete. Back inside, Savage earned a pin attempt w/ a Piledriver and Mascaras w/ a Moonsault. Mascaras had a near fall. Mil looked strong w/ a Cross Chop, diving Crossbody and Indian Deathlock. But Savage responded w/ a Gutwrench Suplex, another High Knee and the devastating Diving Elbow Drop. The cover, the count, Savage wins round 1! 15 min 24 secs

WWF tourney final – WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP – Hulk Hogan v Sgt. Slaughter: Hogan did what he had to do here. He landed a Closed Fist early, resulting in some color, then THREE times Raked Slaughter’s Back. Slaughter hit a Power Slam, Chestbreaker and Powerbomb, but it was Hogan who emerged victorious after a Stalling Suplex at 11 min 36 secs. Hulk Hogan is the WWF World Heavyweight Champion!
Derek Kraft
Kiel Auditorium
St. Louis, MO
Referee = Earl Hebner

Tony Garea v Greg Valentine w/ manager Jimmy Hart: nice opening match for the fans in the Show Me state. Valentine applied a Sharpshooter early and the Mouth of the South cracked Garea in the head w/ his Megaphone. Garea applied an Abdominal Stretch. The Hammer used Numbchucks. Garea Slammed Valentine through the Announcer’s Table. Garea hit a Running Forearm Smash. But it was the finishing Figure 4 of Valentine that ended this one, w/ Garea submitting at 7 min 45 secs.

Ivan Putski v Ken Patera w/ manager Bobby Heenan: Putski won via DQ on MD 4 when Heenan interfered. Here, Patera earned a DQ pt early for a Rear Choke then hit a pair of Swinging Neckbreakers and a Turnbuckle Slam. Putski responded w/ a Backbreakers and Scoop Slam and covered, but Hebner was distracted by Heenan. Putski nailed another Scoop Slam and applied a Headlock. A Superplex by Patera wowed the crowd. A Choke on the Ropes earned a second DQ pt from Hebner. Patera had to be on his best behavior. Heenan couldn’t resist Throwing a Fireball when he thought Hebner was looking the other way, but the referee saw it and disqualified his client. Putski wins again! 11 min 32 secs

The Dynamite Kid v Nikolai Volkoff w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: Al Kaissey did a number on Davey Boy Smith’s knee w/ a Tire Iron on MD 5, so the Kid was looking to exact revenge. Volkoff attacked Kid pre-match, surprising him w/ a Russian Backbreaker during his promo. Once in the ring, Volkoff rushed the Dynamite Kid, who moved out of the way at the last second and the Russian rammed his shoulder into the ring post (subtract 1 from control rest of match). The Kid displayed his full arsenal, performing a European Uppercut, Front Dropkick, Snap Suplex, Bridging German Suplex and Diving Headbutt.Volkoff stayed in the match w/ a Gorilla Press Slam and Smash w/ Table. Kid chased Al Kaissey around the ring, finally catching and KOing him for the duration. A Pendulum Backbreaker decided this one, and the Dynamite Kid won via pinfall at 9 min 15 secs.

Mil Mascaras & Pedro Morales v The Moondogs: solid back and forth bout, w/ the faces earning 6 pin/sub attempts and the heels 4. Morales and Mascaras combined for a Double DDT on Spot and got the 1-2-3 from Hebner at 20 min 25 secs.

NON-TITLE MATCH – Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana v The Iron Sheik w/ manager Adnan Al Kaissey: bad night for Al Kaissey as he is KO’d for the second time, this time after attacking Santana on the apron pre-match and being pushed off. The medical staff stretchered the manager to the back and he received little sympathy from the crowd. The Iron Sheik tried to end this one early w/ a Quick Pin Move w/ a Fist Full of Tights but Santana escaped. Santana hit a pair of Mexican Suplexes then Sheik rolled out of the ring. Snuka made his way down while the Iron Sheik searched under the ring. Sheik reappeared w/ a Pool Cue but Snuka disarmed and used the Cue on him. Soon after, the champion delivered a Flying Forearm Smash and gets the pinfall. 3 min 50 secs

Ricky Steamboat v Roddy Pieper w/ bodyguard Cowboy Bob Orton: Piper didn’t like that Steamboat cheered on his opponent, Sgt. Slaughter, on MD 4. Here, while Hebner was frisking Piper for foreign objects pre-match, Orton whacked Steamboat w/ his Forearm Cast. Steamboat gave the crowd something to cheer for early, performing a Body Slam, Arm Drag, Knife-Edge Chops, Head scissor Takedown, 2nd Rope Headbutt and Power Slam. Piper rallied w/ a Piledriver and Sidewalk Slam. Both men were tired. Piper executed a textbook Go-Behind Takedown and Roll-Up. Hebner was perfectly positioned and counted 1-2-3, Piper wins! 8 min 16 secs
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